Saturday, 12 December 2015

Home Made Face/Hair Mask....FAILURE!

Hey guys, today is a bit of a fun post. A while ago I decided it would be fun to DIY my own facemask. So I did, lets just say it was a messy experience but also a lot of fun to. So I thought I would share with you guys what I did. 

First of all I started off with a few bowls,a fork, two bananas, an avocado and well that's it. I read that avocado was good for your hair and banana was good for the skin so that's why I picked these two. 

So to make them all I did was mush them up in a bowl. Yes that simple, well so I thought haha. The banana mushed up easy and I applied it to my face and left for 20 mins and it did wonders. My skin felt lovely and smooth and where I had a spot the redness had gone down a lot. I think my spot cleared away a lot faster.. So I really recommend that. I used two bananas but I think only needed one. 

Now onto the avocado hair mask, Now I thought it would be easy to mash up, but it really was not. So if you have a blender I REALLY suggest you use it. I ended up with this.... 

As you can see, its not very smooth. But me being me still decided to apply it to my hair. So I wet my hair a very little bit with a spray bottle as I thought it may help it sink in more. Then applied what you see above to my hair. Not only did I get it everywhere, the floor, the sink, the wall. I ended up with big bits of avocado in my hair, which at first I did not think it was a bad thing. Then I tried washing it out after leaving on for around half an hour. I washed it out with just warm water and well the bits did not come out my hair at all. So I decided to comb through hoping this will help get the chunky bits out. No it just squashed them more in my hair. So after around 20 ish minutes of washing, brushing this stuff out my hair I gave up. Went to bed with a few bits in my hair still. Hoping in the morning they would come out. Which they did, but after all the hassle I don't think it made any difference to my hair. So what an utter fail. 
Although I will say I may try it again but with the use of a blender!

If anyone has any fruits etc or diy face mask posts I would love it if you linked them below for me to read.