Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Geeky Present Ideas

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Hey guys, I don't know about you but to be honest me and my fella are quite geeky. So today I thought I would share with you a few presents which would be perfect for geeky friends or yourself. 

Pop Vinyl Figure - These are great little gifts, there is just far to many to choose from. From games of thrones to the nightmare before christmas. These are little figures with large heads and are rather cute. Range from around £8 onwards and can be bought on Amazon, Zavvi and even spotted some in my local HMV. 

Virtual Reality Headset - This year I have seen loads of these around, they range from around £15 onwards. Again can be bought on Amazon and any shop that tends to do gadget things. These work with most smart phones, you can download games and alsorts for them. They give a mini virtual reality headset so it will be like your in the game. I have yet to try one out yet but have seen many reviews are are meant to be rather good. Perfect for a gadget lover or gamer!

Art Print - Do you know an anime they love ? or just a character they really like. Or anything really, prints make a really good present. You can get these on all sorts of places like Etsy and places like that are the best places to look. Also you can pick up canvas pictures of marvel characters etc in loads of places now. So keep an eye out. Or if you are good draw one yourself!

Figure - Again a bit like the pop figures, you can get them a figure of some sort. From cute little Nendroid figures to sexy ones. There is lots of fake ones on Ebay so be careful when buying. I recommend places like Good Smile Company and other places for awesome anime figures. 

Plush - Last but really not least and one of my favorite things to get are plushies! My boyfriend has given me a few over the years I have been with him and I LOVE them all. Also if your friend is a Disney fan and you want a little something to add to a present I totally recommend TSUM plushies. They are adorable!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, I am sorry its a day late but my net is rubbish!