Monday, 20 July 2015

Saying Goodbye To a Friend...

Hey guys, the last week has not been a fun one although ended on a high. To start the week I had the flu and it really wiped me out and still don't feel great not. I ache ALL over. 
But worst of all, our family dog had been poorly for a while. He was a grand age of 15 and his back legs had started to give up on him. They slowly got worse and worse then there was nothing else they could do for him, He was in pain a lot and was just not the cheerful little dog he always was. It was not fair on him to carry on any more so we had to made the super hard decision and have him put down.
Smudge had such a lovely cheeky character and was always there for you to give you love when you are feeling down. He barked whenever you sang happy birthday as well we always gave him a little bit of cake. But he truly was another part of the family and will be very missed! 

On a slightly happier note, one of my best friends got married the weekend. Was a lovely day and spent the weekend by the sea! which is always a plus! Wish them both a very happy future together, was also a little scary to think that will be me and Rohan in the near future!!!