Wednesday, 24 June 2015

To Skort Or Not To Skort??

Hey guys, this post is for those curvy ladies out there! I keep seeing cute skorts in shops and always wondered if they would look good on me. Being a curvy lady I always thought they would really not suit me. However I decided to give one a go. So while looking on I spotted one I really liked and was near my birthday and had been given a discount code. So thought why not give it a go. I could always send it back if I did not like.

So it came, I put it on and was undecided. But after trying it wearing a few different ways I decided it was okay and that I would give it ago.

So I have no worn this a few times, once out for a meal with the family with tights and a vest top tucked in. It looked nice and I felt comfortable.

I think when you see things that you like weather or not you think they suit you its always worth a try on and give things a chance! I plan to pick up a few more skorts now as they are really comfortable and you don't have to worry about flashing your bum.

Sorry if this is a bit of a random post but the post I was planning to do does not wanna play haha. So I say SKORT are the things to do. You can dress them up or down!

GIVE THINGS A GO!! you never know what looks good until you try. Specially curvy ladies. Don't be afraid to try new things :)