Friday, 5 June 2015

Style Me - Charity Shop Bargain!

Hey guys, I picked up this lush River Island dress from a charity shop and lets just say I am loving it. It fits lovely shows off my curves and makes me feel like a hundred dollars!
So as a bit of a different post I thought I would show you how I would style it for a meal out with friends.

style me

So here is what I would personally wear it with. There is nothing better than a little black dress. There is so many things you can do with them!

Gone with a black and white theme as you can see.

So to pair with the dress I found these lovely chunky white shoes, I am not great walking in heels and find chunky ones are the way to go for me. Plus I really like the look of these. I have also chosen a white lace kimono as I personally love them and it keeps the chill off, I also think it would look fantastic with a denim jacket or a leather one. For accessories I went with a skinny belt (white obviously) as I personally think my waist is my best part of my body so I like to draw attention to it. Last but not least is a little pearl bracelet, I really don't think this dress needs much else because of the beautiful cut out detail at the top.