Monday, 29 June 2015

Quick And Easy Blog Post Ideas

Hey guys, while thinking about today's post I got a little stuck. But then had an idea to share with you 5 easy and quick post ideas. For the days when like me you are stuck for a post but really want to put something up. These are also good for when you do the month of blogging like I have done as will give you a few easy posts to start you off.

1) Favourite Product - Is there a product or item you keep finding yourself picking up? Write a post about it, Say what you like about it, maybe a few things you don't like about it and why you keep going back to it. 

2) Top 5 - Could be your top five movies, top five programs, or even your top 5 netflix shows (if you are a netflix addict like me). These are really easy to do could be the top 5 of anything you want it to be. My personal top 5 ones to read are top blogs/ youtubers you tend to find some you never knew about.

3) Outfit of the day - Is the outfit your wearing that day super cute ? or can even be a nice casual outfit. Show your viewers what you are wearing. I also really like these as quite often I find something I would not normally go for and then go try it on for myself.

4) Products You Want - Lets face it there is always something you want that you either can't afford or just don't want to spend the money on it. You can pick a certain brand and pick some items from them you are really wanting ( for me I would pick ted baker). So its pretty much a wishlist.

5) Picture Post - Everyone takes pictures, specially with all the camera phones people have these days. So go through your photos pick a few pictures and pop them on your post. Write a little about them underneath. I really like these specially when people include silly pictures with there friends or just a yummy muffin they had. Really easy to do!