Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nothing better than a new hair cut!!

Another quick post today, sorry at the end of my month of blogging and have to admit its starting to defeat me a bit. I shall be taking a week off of blogging once it is over then back to posting once, sometimes twice a week. Its been really hard coming up with ideas and work went crazy on me switching around my hours which made it hard to keep up. But also I hope I finish these last few days. Certainly have some tips for other people who want to do it too.

Today's post is a small hair story. When I was younger my hair went down past my bum and I loved it. Then when I got to my teens one day I decided to give it a chop and have had shoulder ish length hair since. Lately have been missing my longer hair a bit so decided to let it grow a bit.
This is when my hair reminded me how thick it likes to get and how hot it is with hair down. Anyway I pretty much have it at the length I want now, After my hair cut yesterday its just above my boobs maybe want a couple more inches to it but I am pretty happy.

So as I said my hair got super thick and just looked a bit meh to me. So booked an appointment to get my hair shaped and looking better. Super please with how it now looks! All I did was blow dry it this morning and this is how it turned out!

in love..