Sunday, 7 June 2015

My First Anime/Geek Convention Experience

Hey guys, this post I have found REALLY hard to write up as was just having trouble working out how to go about it. But I think I have finally got something haha.

First I started off by wanting to do a post on conventions in general but I don't think I have been to enough different ones to do that. So I am going to talk to you about my first anime/geek convention I went to which was Kitacon 2014

Lets just start with the fact I was super super nervous, not only was this my first convention but was also the first time I wore cosplay.

The convention was held at a Hilton hotel in Birmingham. We stayed at the hotel but you can stay near by if you wish. All the events etc are held in the hotel. 

When you arrive you pick your con badge, which you decide on your name for when you register. I went for Miku because she is the character I would be cosplaying. This year I shall be Fuko my favourite character from Clannad.
Your badge lets you into all the events that go on at the convention.

During the day time there is panels being held pretty much all day longs. These are talks/ presentation type things on different subjects. All to do with Anime, cosplay etc. People talking about costume making, there favourite anime's and things like that. They are really interesting and super fun. One thing I will add is there was a hentia panel.... and that is all we shall say about that HAHA.

There was also a games room, which was a room filled with different games. Retro games like Pac-Man as well as many other types of games. We only had a look round really so do not have much to say about it. I am not a huge gamer... and I am pretty rubbish lol. 

and there was I think was called the dealers room or something along those lines. This is where you can purchase anime, manga, figure, collectables and cute Lolita stuff along with many many other things. Its pretty much you enter it with money, you walk out without any.

In the evenings there is parties where everyone mingles and generally has a good time. I didn't myself really until the last night, nerves got the better of my but when I did go I had a really good time. So if I was to give any advice it would be to not be nervous there was really no need.

One last thing is that Kitacon has a ball on the last night, this was my favourite part of the convention I have to say. I really really enjoyed myself it as lovely. Most people cosplay at the ball but have a ball gown type outfit. I will twirling around this year in a very beautiful dress which I actually bought off someone who wore it last year to the convention! I am super excited to go this year and have made a few of my cosplays!

Hope this gives a few people an idea on conventions and are encouraged to go to one as they are really super fun,