Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Month Of Blogging Tips!

Hey guys, so today is my last day of blogging everyday for a month. I really have to admit it was really hard work and some of my post I am not all that pleased with. But glad I manage to get one up every day. So with that in mind here are a few tips that I think may help for other people thinking about blogging for a whole month. I hope to do it again in a few months time and hopefully be more organised with it too.

1) Be Organised - If you are thinking of blogging for a month you need to be organised. Get pictures etc ready for posts you have planned.

2) Don't Do It If You Don't Think You Can - You need to be motivated to post everyday for a month so if you don't think you can do it then you most likely won't. You need to be postive :)

3) Plan Ahead - Now this one is a MUST!!! I did kind of plan ahead but I think would plan more next time. Have some post up an written before the month start so you have some to fall on.

4) Write Posts Ahead Of Time - Now I started the month with a list of posts I could do, and some of them I really just did not have the time to do because things came up. I think to start a month of blogging you need at least 10 post written up and ready to go. This will make things so much easier for you. If you have some posts that might take longer to do than others get them done!

5) Make use of social media sites - I discovered hoot suite during my month of blogging and tried it out a few days to see if it made a difference. I had this posting for me three times a day on my social media sites. The days I did use it my views went up loads. This is a tip for general blogging too. I will certainly be making more use of it in the future!

6) Get A Notebook - Now I wish a used my notebook more during my month of blogging. But I did start off with post written down for about half the month. What I did is write what day I would post it a little bit about what the post is and then what pictures I need. I think this is a must! Plan ahead!

Hope you find these tips useful, I will be taking around a week off blogging to working on my cosplays and to refresh my mind. 

Has anyone else done a month of blogging ? and do you have any other tips ?