Monday, 8 June 2015

Little Mermaid Inspired Nail Art

Hey guys, since I have not done a nail art post in ages I thought today I would share a super quick and easy little mermaid inspired nail art.

To start with you will need...

I could not find mine but I suggest a dotting tool also.

I have two designs to show you, so start with the base coats, Yellow and peach, Can also be pink or any flesh coloured polish you may have. 

Will start with the VERY easy one, flounder is my favourite character from the little mermaid and he has blue stripes on him. So simply add three blue stripes to the yellow nail, I did this with a normal nail brush but I think it would look much neater with a thinner brush.

I think this one looks cute and is so easy to do! Next up is of course Ariel, With her create her hair on your nail, I did this with a red line across the nail, then one side short of curved it.

Like this! Next step is to add a bit more detail, I added eyes, which would be much better done with a dotting tool as mine are very messy. Then I added a little bit of detail to the hair with some thing stripes.

I think these are both super cute and would look great on your ring fingers then having sea blue nails otherwise! Hope you enjoyed today's simple nail art.