Saturday, 6 June 2015

Birthday gifts ... From a loved one

Hey guys quick post for you today as spending the weekend with my boyfriend having a late birthday celebration. Chinese tonight !!! And a film. 

These are the presents my lovely boyfriend gave me.

Botan - This is the boar plushie and is from one of my favourite anime shows clannad. It's seriously cute and one of my favourite present.

Miku - For those who don't know but miku is the blue haired plushie and is a vocaloid. There is a vocaloid post coming up sometime this month for people who would like to know more.

Money box - Now this is bloody awesome it's the brown box pictured. It's a small money box where you put the coin on the little yellow bottom and press down. A cute cat then sneaks out the box and takes your money. It has a very cute voice and I just love it !!

Last but certainly not least ..

Pandora bracelet - i have been saying for years I wanted a pandora but he never really wanted to get one as didn't think it would be a suprise. He picked two really cute charms for it a little owl ( I call them wols) and a teacup. The teacup is because of my love for alice in wonderland. I also had some birthday money and in the summer sale they had a very cute dangle charm which is a pair of ballet shoes. I used to do ballet when I was younger and I also got engaged at the royal opera house about to watch swan lake. Sorry it's a bit of a boring post but there will certainly be more fun ones next week! Including some craft ones.