Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Haul - Odd bits and Pieces

Hey guys, welcome to the second post of a month of blogging. Not a super interesting post today but I popped round town the other day and thought would share with you a few of the things I got.

So here are the goodies I got, most from work and then a magazine from Whsmiths.

Inspired Bride Magazine - As you know I recently got engaged so could not resist the urge to pick up this one. I really like this one as is full of useful things rather than just pages of advertisements which a lot of bride magazines are. I also really like Perfect Wedding and Wedding Ideas ones to.

White Chocolate Face Mask - Now I really love face masks a lot and when I saw it was white chocolate I really had to pick it up. Have a feeling it might make me hungry!

Hello Kitty False Lashes - I really love the idea of false eye lases and these were on a bargain section for 49p each, not only are they hello kitty but thought ideal for practising putting them on without spending a fortune. I picked up four packs!

Clensing Face Mask - See told you I really like them, this was was just 67p for a 75ml tube, its just a three min face mask which is suitable for everyday use. Thought would give it a go.

Finishing Touches Short Length Nails - These were also in the bargain section, they were 49p each I picked up 2, I picked up a few of these not long ago and have used them for a meal out and really liked them so when I saw they had a few more designs decided to pick them up

Bic Razors - Well summer is here, I keep trying more expensive razors etc but always go back to these!

Last but not least... Garnier All in one BB cream - Again summer is upon us, well someone tell the sky that. But decided I needed a bit of a lighter foundation to use. This was at the till for just £4.50 half price, so picked it up.I tried it on earlier and really love the feel of it. Will test it properly and review it sometime this month when given it a good few goes. I will say it smells LUSH!!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, Its my birthday 2moro !