Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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Hey guys, I have decided that next week is going to be convention/cosplay week on my blog. So seems fathers day is just over a week away I thought I would share a few ideas with you on what to get your dad. Lets face it they are pretty hard to buy for.

1) Dvds/Cds
Most dads like a good dvd or cd, so have a look what has just come out and see if there is anything you think your dad may enjoy. Here I have the latest mumford and sons cd ( which came out last month) and also the american sniper dvd which came out quite recently. Also its quite a good idea to look for and old series you dad liked when younger or something like that. My dad was a huge fan of thunderbirds.

2) Gadget and Novelty Items
These are quite good if you don't have a lot to spend but what to get him a little something. I spotted in a card shop the other dad a port a pint which is a pretty much a fold up pint glass which is rather fun. 
If your dad is into photography then the lens travel cup with biscuit holder is a good idea, plus there is also lots of novelty mugs etc for all different kinds of things.
Last but not least a pen knife, you can get all sorts of different ones. Like ones that are just tools, one that are bar items etc so find one that suits your father!

3) Photo Gifts
Now these items are available in so many places these days and make a really cute gift. Turn your favourite photo of you and your dad into a cute gift. Here I have pictured a key ring (with a bottle opener), a tablet case, and a travel cup. These are all from tesco and range from around £5 onwards!

Hoe this gives you a few ideas for your dad for fathers day which is the 21st June in the UK so get shopping!