Monday, 15 June 2015

Cosplay Week - Day One - What Is Cosplay?

Hey guys, today is the first post for cosplay week, So I thought would start the week with a brief talk about what cosplay is and how I was introduced to it.

Cosplay stands for "Costume Play" and is when a person dresses up and pretends to be a fictional character. Normally from a sci fi, comic book or anime. People do photo shoots as there character and also attend conventions. You can either buy your cosplay or make it yourself, I myself have just started making my own. Which you shall see parts of this week.

I was first introduced to cosplay by two of my friends but never really thought much of it, at that time I was not into anime and not seen any that I actually enjoyed and the stuff I had seen was well weird. Lets face it some anime shows are weird. 
It wasn't until I started dating Rohan that I began seeing and really enjoying some anime shows and films. He introduced some rather cute ones and well frankly I fell in love and watch a few now. He has also attending conventions and did while we were first dating. Then last year I decided I would like to go to a convention with him, we went to Hyper Japan and there was lots of cosplayer's there and I remember thinking how amazing they looked. So I said to him I would like to go to a weekend convention with him and last year I went to Kitacon. He did say to me I did not have to cosplay but I thought if I was going to go why the hell not do it properly. Although I was super nervous at first I did really enjoy it and will be attending again the end of next month with a few cosplays I have made myself!

I do realise some people find cosplay a bit weird but in my eyes its not different that people going out dressing up as princesses and things. Some of the outfits people put hours and hours of work into and the things that create are just amazing. Its fun to be around a group of people sharing the same interest of you and one thing I will say, no one is judgemental. I was really nervous about not being a super slim person... yes I have hips. But wow some people were super confident and showed off there bodys in some amazing outfits.

So if you are thinking about every cosplaying, don;t hesitate there is a fantastic community of people and great fun!