Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cosplay Kit - Essentials You Need At A Convention

Hey guys, more cosplay/convention posts for you guys, here is my cosplay essential kit. When you are at a convention there is a few bits you need just in case of emergencies. So if anything happens to your outfit or to you, you are prepared. So here is the items I will be taking. In a super cute Bambi bag my friend gifted me, I love it!

Pain Killers - Can be super hot in some cosplays, and can also be a lot of noise so you never know if your going to end up with a headache so pain killers are a must have!

Mini Sewing Kit - Essential, if anything comes off your cosplay! I picked up this little kit in wilko, but you can get them in lots of places. They have needles, thread, scissors, spare buttons etc. This one also has a neat pin cushion on the top too!

Safety Pins - When went to my first convention Rohan told me to buy these as he says they are a must. He was right, some cosplays need things pinned on to keep into place etc and if your outfit happened to come apart you may be able to save it!

Hair Pins - Wearing wigs etc you need plenty of these. As us girls know these things get lost all the time. So a nice big pack of hair pins is another must.

Batteries - This is mainly if like me you are taking your camera, spare batteries are a must. I always take way more than I need but better to be safe than sorry. My camera only seems to like duracell ones so whenever I see them on offer I always pick them up.

Plasters - Some outfits involve uncomfortable shoes, or if like me most shoes rub your feet then you carry plasters a lot round with you.

If you can think of any other items you might need then please let me know! this is what I have so far. Thank you for reading and see you again tomorrow!