Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Books I Love!!

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Hey guys, trying not to fall behind on posts, but the one I was working on for today's post I am having problems with the photos. So to keep my month of blogging going I thought I would share with you guys my top five books. This was quite hard to decide, and does change all the time its really hard for me to pick a favourite book as I love reading far to much. So here it goes..

1) The Harry Potter Series - Okay for my first ones yes I am kind of cheating as its a set of books. But it was a massive part of me when they first came out, I remember eagerly waiting for the next one to come out and finishing it like the day after it was released. I have currently just purchased these on my kindle too so they are with me everywhere I go now!

2) Alice in wonderland - Now there is nothing about this book I do not love, it really is a book I read over and over again... and the best thing is its FREE on the kindle! Okay I promise I am not trying to promote the kindle. My first lolita outfit is based on alice because of my love... and you will get to see it very soon!!

3) Anne Franks Diary - Now this might be a bit of an odd one for some people. BUT when I first read her diary was while we were studying war in secondary school. We were told to read a bit of it and I remember going back in the next day having read all of it! I just could not put it down. From that moment onward I wanted to look up EVERTHING to do with her and I still look up stuff all the time to this day.

4)  Peter Rabbit - Again maybe a little bit of an odd one, But these books were pretty much my life when I was young, I remember whenever we were allowed to choose a book I would choose another beatrix potter one. I think they are the books that started my love for reading :)

5) Ps I love You - My main reason for loving this book is that is really made me cry, It just drew me in sooo much I was bawling my eyes out by the end of it. I think a book that is able to do that is something special.I do like the film also but I have to admit it didn't make me cry like the book did.