Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Book Review - Grey - E L James

Hey Guys, today I have a book review for you. You may notice from other posts etc that I am a big reader. I love nothing better to sink in a comfortable chair and read for hours on end.

So with that said when the first Fifty Shades Of Grey Books came out as most book lovers I was quite curious and gave them a read. First thing first they are really poorly written, just not a nice read some bits don't really make any sense and the store is well kind of creepy. Despite this I did read all three and I just really did not get the hype about it. Oooo a naughty book whatever next. There is so many books like this around and a lot less creepy.

When the film came out I instantly knew I really did not want to go to see it. So I didn't and don't really fancy paying money to see it at all.

But despite all this when the new "Grey" book came out I felt the need to buy it, pretty much to see if it as bad as the others. Could it possibly get worse ? Apparently so!

Its like reading the first book over again, there is not much change at all. I have read books that have the other persons view of the story and enjoyed them before as they give it a different perspective. But no. You see all the same emails, its comes across even more creepy which I did not think was possible. The way he pursues her is just kind of disgusting and does not come across as a healthy relationship. All these people who want there Mr Grey are insane, why would you want a relationship like that. And not I am not some sort of prude its not the whole "play room" thing that disgusts me. Its just him as a person is so creepy and I don't even know how to describe it. 

This book is just a pile rubbish, if you are going to read a book. Read something that is better written at least. Grey was blatantly released to push the DVD sales. Its quite frankly even worse than the other books. 
The annoying thing is I know like many others, people like me have picked up this book just to see if its as bad as the others!

If you are a fan of the books then please I would love to hear your reasons for liking the book ? Am I the only one who finds him creepy ?