Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Another Simple Nail Art - Leopard Nails

Hey guys, hope you liked yesterdays nail art. Today I have a very super super easy nail art for you. This is one of the first nail arts I started doing and its not only simple but quick and easy too.

So to do this you need three colours of your choice, its fun to experiment with how different colours work with this nail art. Then its just three easy steps.

1) Paint your nails the base coat of your choice

2) Then with your next colour add small splodges of this colour on the nail. Does not matter where or what size but vary it around the nail.

3) With your last colour ( I recommend black) just line around the dots, Almost like little "C" shapes either side. 

As I said this is very easy to do and looks great. Its also very fun to do with neon colours!