Saturday, 20 June 2015

A simple easy cosplay

Hey guys, today thought would show you a simple easy cosplay. One that does not cost a lot to put together and is things you can pick up in stores or find very cheaply online.

Anyone a fan of pokemon ? well today we are going to create Serena from pokemon x and y

All you need is

A Black Top - I picked mine up from primark, as you can see it does have a peter pan collar to it. You can either one make one your self or even pick up the collar necklaces that seem to be everywhere at the moment. I actually bought a cheap t shirt which I am going to cut off the sleeves and make them into the collar.

Red Skirt - Red skater skirts are super easy to find in stores and online. I got mine on amazon and was less that £5. You can add the pocket detail if you wish

Black Knee High Socks - Depending on the time of year these are easy to find in shops. I did order mine on-line as well summer is here and knee high socks are not readily available. Was a bit disappointed when they came as seemed more like tights than socks but they fit nice and look good!

My skirt is a little short but shall be wearing shorts under it!

Red Hat - Look for a red bowler hat when searching on ebay, mine was again under £5 and I actually really like it and have ordered another colour haha.

White Frame Glasses - I got mine from primark for around £1 super easy to get hold of this time of year but if not I am sure you can find them online cheap.

Black High Tops - Now this has been a struggle for me and have only just ordered them. I could not find high tops anywhere this time of year it must be a winter thing. Anyway I was going to give in and just get low dap shoes. But online I found them and they have been ordered. 

On the shoes there is a red design on the side, you can do this with acrylic paints. It should paint on fine but may need more than one coat. You can buy special stuff to coat them after but to be honest I am not bothered

You can also wear a wig if you wish to, I have got one but unsure weather I shall wear it for not. I ordered a cheap one of ebay and was around £6. In the game you can change the colour of her hair etc so I think most things would work.

I am planning to hopefully get a small pokemon plushie to carry around with me and I have a pokeball also. You can choose the starter pokemon or just your favourite one!

This complete cosplay came to around £30 with the shoes etc, really cheap and easy to put together!