Thursday, 4 June 2015

A day With A Friend

Hey guys, as you know was my birthday yesterday and I spent Monday with one of my best friends we went to Bristol Aquarium and @Bristol. Was a super fun day, so thought would share with you the pictures that we took.

First we went to the aquarium and to be honest we were a little disappointed with it. We strolled around and took many pictures but were still only there for just over an hour. For the £14 that paid not sure was worth the money.

You shall be my squishy !

Don't wanna bombard you with pictures, we had lunch along the habour. Had a very very yummy lamb and mint burger.
Seems we both had not been to @bristol since we were young we decided to go. Sooooo glad we did we spent the afternoon in fits of laughter making stop animation films and doing all sorts of fun things!

If you have a child around 4 onwards I highly reccomend going to @Bristol as they really would have loads of fun!

Sorry today's post was not that interesting but hopefully you enjoyed it... I shall leave you with this picture...