Thursday, 30 April 2015

Exmoor Zoo !

Long time no see, well its been just over a week. I have been spring cleaning and working on cosplays ( which you shall see soon). But the other Saturday me and my fiancée went to Exmoor Zoo and it was a lovely day. So as I am starting to get better with my camera I thought I would share with you some of the photo's I took.


Exmoor Zoo is a lovely zoo, they hold interactions with the animals at certain times of the days, these are all listed in the map they give you when you enter. We met the alpacas! I was super excited for this but it seemed super scared when people went up to it and it put me off I didn't want to scare it. I have far to much love for them haha.

Another thing we did was feed the wallaby's this was fun, they were really friendly and let you stroke them and they happily ate out your hand. Was quite surprised as a few of them had baby's in there pouches and were not bothered at all, they still happily let your stroke them.

Before I leave you with some more pictures, I thought I would just say that if you are ever in the area or live near Exmoor Zoo and have no been I really recommend it. The keepers were all very friendly and it was a lovely day out.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

5 Random Facts About Me!

Hey guys, hope you all are well. I am currently having a major sort out in my room and getting rid of all my clutter to hopefully then re design my room a little. Add a few accessories to brighten it up, `
+.ould re decorate but hoping to move out soon.

Anyway back to the post here are some random facts about me..

1 ) I did ballet from the age of four intill I was about 18. The only reason I gave up was because of work commitments. I would really love to take up Ballet again in some form, I have seen exercise videos which involve Ballet.

2) I love reading factual books about animals. I am talking David Attenbourough types ones. I will read every word in them! Super sad I know

3) I love to draw and paint, even though I am not all that good at it. I am okay when it comes to cartoon like characters but other than that I am pretty useless.

4) I hate giving gifts without a personal touch. I pretty much like to make something or create something when present giving.

5) I am a massive reader, there is nothing I like better than curling up with a good book that grips me right until the end. But there is nothing worse than a book you just cannot get into but feel the need to finish it!.

Would love to hear a few random facts about yourself in the comments :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What I Have Learnt From Blogging...

Hey guys, thought would bring you a slightly different post today and just share a few things I have learnt from blogging and also things I really love about it too.

Learnt - Don't post something just for the sake of posting, when writing a post it will only turn out how you want and be interesting to read if its something you really care about. Don't just put something up that your not that interested in because you have not posted in a while

Enjoy - I really love the blogging community, people are willing to help you if they can and leave lovely comments for you.

Learnt -  Don't stress over posting, and worry over how many followers you have etc, Blog because YOU enjoy it! People can tell if all you are interested in is making money.

Enjoy - Taking pictures for my blog is one of my favourite things to do. I have learnt new things about my camera and how important decent lighting really is. When I am out for the day its nice to think "ooh this will make a nice blog picture"

Learnt - I have learnt many things about editing pictures, creating banners etc from blogging and googling how to do things. I am super proud of how my blog looks and even more so that I done it myself!

Enjoy - Being creative, I like the fact I can sit and write and feel like I am doing something good. Its a really good hobby and lets me unleash my creative side. Have really found a passion for crafty things to at the moment which is super fun.

Hope you enjoyed this post, would love to hear a few things you love or have learnt from blogging!