Saturday, 7 March 2015

YouTuber Books - Tanya Burr, Zoella and Fleur De Force

Hey guys, today thought would share a mini review of some books some of my favourite YouTuber's have recently brought out.
Will start by saying I really enjoyed all the books, some more than others though.

Will start with Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.
Starting with this one as it is very different to the other two. This is a novel, so a story book. When I first started reading it in all honesty I was not over impressed its a good book yes but I would not say its fantastic. Its a nice easy read and did not take me very long to read. I won't say anything about the story line as don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not read it. 

Would give it 3 out of 5 stars

Next up is Love Tanya by Tanya Burr
Now I have to say I do really like this book. No sure what to say this book is as its a mixture of things. She talks about growing up, hair, fashion, friendship and many other things it really is jam packed with things. Its a really nice read and is totally Tanya, my favourite thing is the little note bits in it where she says to do stuff like "list your beauty icons and why they inspire you". I really like that as its like she wants you to be a part of the book to and its nice to look back on to. If you are a fan on Tanya than this certainly is a must!

I would give this one 4 out of five stars

and last but really not least is The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force
No First thing to say is I really truly LOVE and ADORE this book. The book just looks pretty and love the rose gold on it and the stars making it seem really her. When you are reading through this book you really do read everything in Fleurs voice. The illustrations and pictures are lovely, its nice to read. The beauty bits and things like that are not like "oh you must have the certain product..." blah blah blah its encourages to be you and find whats good for you and I really like that. I think this would be a fantastic gift for a teenage girl or even older. I am finding it hard to put into words how much I love this book. 

Now this book is totally getting 5 out of 5 stars!

Hope you enjoyed these mini book reviews. Have you read any of them? or all of them? which did you like the best and why?