Thursday, 5 March 2015

Craft Haul

Hey guys, quick post for you guys today. Just thought  I would share with you some craft bits I have bought recently. I plan to do a scrapbook on the engagement weekend so thought would share with you what I have bought.

So here is the scrapbook I bought, I just thought the design was super cute. This came from WHSmiths and was £9.99. It has 50 blank white pages in it. So with the many photos that were taken I am sure I can fill it up.

I also bought some backing paper to help it look pretty. This set is large 12x12 paper which I can cut down and has lovely floral and garden designs on it.

Also bought some smaller 8x8 ( I think) paper, Really liked the designs on this super cute. Will be good for using as borders around photos etc.

Last few bits.

Crafting tweezers, these are ideal to make sure you get a straight placement when sticking things down and come in handy when dealing with small bits.

Fabric stars, I spotted these selling off and just thought they were cute, not sure what going to use them for yet but sure I will find something. They also had some bunting ones which I may go back and get

Ribbon, this set of wedding ribbon was selling off for 50p and just picked up as though might be able to use in some DIY wedding stuff or even in my scrapbook

Dolly pegs, at the moment I keep pinning craft stuff and dolly pegs keep coming up. I saw this huge pack of them and decided to pick them up.

Really getting into crafty things at the moment and you guys seem to enjoy it too. So keep an eye out for more craft posts. Hope you enjoyed this little craft haul.