Friday, 27 February 2015

What's in my travel wash bag

Hey guys, thought today I would show you what I take in my wash bag while travelling. These are the things I took to London for the weekend. I always carry my stuff around in my Ted Baker Wash bag which I bought around a year ago and use it all the time. I want to get a smaller one to hold my make up which I might do soon as off Bristol shopping with a friend in a couple weeks time.

As you can see all the products are travel size and ones that aren't I have put into a smaller container, The containers I use are from primark, they come in a little set in a clear bag. So here is what I have...

Hair Products
I don't really tend to take styling products with me, although I do need to get myself a travel heat protector of some sort. This time I took herbal essence shampoo and conditioner, which I picked up in primark for £1 each. I am not really fussy on what shampoo and conditioner I use I never really stuck to just one type.

Face Products
I do take a few face products with me specially at the moment cause I am really trying to get my skin looking healthier. So for face wash I took a simple one, I really like simple products and this one I have used before and makes your skin feel super clean. 
I took two moisturisers, one is a t-zone tea tree moisturiser which I use daily, I put this into a smaller container. But I also took my garnier moisture match for dry skin with me as during this cold weather I have noticed my skin being a bit dry so I use this at night times. I really like this but it is really thick.
Last face product is the simple make up remover, I don't tend to wear make up every day cause I am too lazy if I am honest. I have found that this simple make up remover is kind to the skin and does not sting your eyes either. again I put a small amount in a container.

The other products are essentials really, I have a vaseline compressed deodorant, I find the compressed ones are ideal for travel as are nice and small, the travel ones you buy don't seem to last five minutes!
Then I have a razor, tooth brush and paste and a wash scrunchie thing. I also have my body wash and a body lotion, these smelt amazing, they were bought in primark.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, is there any products you just HAVE to take while travelling ?