Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentines Gifts - For Him

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Hey guys, I did a post like this on my old blog and it went down well. So decided to re do it on here with some new ideas. Valentines day is not that long away so I though I would share with you some ideas for presents for him. Lets face it men aren't that easy to buy for. Hope you like them!

1) Leather Wallet
I think this is a pretty obvious idea. Men tend to use there wallets until they are pretty much a bit of cloth. So updating his wallet to a nice new one is a good idea. Leather wallets are easy to pick up, places like TKmaxx, Next, Debenhams are the main places I look for a nice wallet. To add a more personal touch to it I suggest popping in a little credit card size picture of you both in it. 

2) Aftershave
Now this is another kind of an obvious choice, like buying a girl perfume for valentines. You can either get them there favourite scent, or yours ( haha). The other thing which I have pictured is a selection of little mini scents. You can get these in all sorts of places, this set is from These I think are great as you never knew he mind find a new scent he loves!

3) Hamper
You see these retro sweet hampers around a lot these days but I think making one of you own is the best way to go. Fill a cute box with his favourite sweets and candy, or you could fill with beers or just little things he likes. My boyfriend likes Japanese things so one year I covered a shoe box with anime characters and filled it with different Japanese sweets. 

4) A watch
Watches don't have to expensive and are very often on offer. I think this makes a nice gift and you can also personalise it if you want by getting it engraved on the back.

5) Personalised Keyring
For cute thing like a personalised key ring then is so the place to go. You can get it engraved with a cute saying you both like, the date you met, a special date of some sort or just your names. This does not have to be a keyring you can get all sorts of things like from pens, to cuff links. 

Hope these give you a few ideas for presents for your loved ones. I think valentines personalised is the way to go, make it something he knows you put a lot of thought into.