Thursday, 26 February 2015

London Weekend - Swan Lake And High Tea

So yesterday I talked to you guys about the proposal, but did not want to make the post SUPER long. So today its a short but sweet post about the ballet and high tea.

The Saturday night is when we went to see Swan Lake, it was my first time seeing a real ballet and I was super excited. I did Ballet myself when I was younger from 4 until I was 18 so it really was a massive deal to me. We saw it at the beautiful Royal Opera House.

The stunning ceiling at the Royal Opera House
Our seats were right next to the boxes and we had a fantastic view. The whole place was silent while the ballet was on you could hear the point shoes on the ground. I have loved Swan Lake since was little and watched it many a time on telly but really does not compare to actually seeing it.I was on a complete high during the whole performance too ! for obvious reasons.

Then if I hadn't been spoilt enough over the weekend, Rohan had booked for us to go for high tea. I do love cake... like a lot and have always wanted to have a high tea.When we arrived we got taken to this little room with couple of sofas in and were completely alone! Which was rather nice, the room was really cute had books all around it and some pretty painting of what looked like mythical creatures.

We had lots of little cakes, which were all super yummy apart from the coffee one... argh I hate coffee in any form! There was also a selection of savoury bits at the bottom, including cray fish and salmon rolls. Rohan was silly enough to point out he was a vegetarian and unfortunately nothing of the savoury things he could have. But it was really nice and gave us a chance to yap and sit and enjoy each others company. Forgot to mention, there were scones and were still warm AMAZING!!! haha. 

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post :) Have any of you been to high tea?