Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Engagement Story

Hey guys, seems I shared some pretty exciting news for you yesterday I thought I would share with you my engagement story. Since is was pretty damn romantic!!

Me and Rohan were off to London for a weekend, as he bought me tickets to see swan lake as my Christmas present. Last year we went to see phantom of the opera so I didn't think much about it. So we travelled down via coach like we normally do and tubed it to Covent garden, where the Ballet was happening and where we were staying for the night. This was my first surprise of the weekend, we were walking past this amazing looking building, which was super fancy and just looked stunning. I was saying to Rohan how pretty it was. Then he was like we are staying there, I honestly thought he was mucking around but how wrong was I.
Rosewood Hotel
Me being clueless, still had no idea what was to come. This is where another clue happened and me being me was still completely clueless. When we got into our room, there was a knock on the door and a cake was brought in with congratulations written on it. Rohan was like oh they must of made a mistake but who cares, free cake. I really did not think much of it.
The cake that could of given it all away!
So yeah looking back on it, I feel rather stupid haha. Anyway we got ready and went out for a meal at La Ballerina in covent garden. A very cute Italian restaurant, the food was lovely and the staff were quick and ever so friendly. I would totally recommend it, its right next to the Royal Opera house.I did notice Rohan was slower than normal while eating, but again didn't think much of it. As he had said he wasn't feeling all that great.
/The both of us ready for the Ballet!
Now after the food we walked around for a bit, because we had about an hour to wait. I went into the shop and bought the program for swan lake, we had a look at the street performers in Covent garden and then went back into the Royal Opera House to wait for the Ballet to begin.
This is when it all happened, we were waiting by the hall bit to go in, they don't open it up until half an hour before the performance. We were talking and I was super excited to see the Ballet its something I have always wanted to do. Rohan pointed out this bust thing that was hung in a cabinet and I was having a look at it, I nearly walked off to look closer when he tapped me on the shoulder. So I turn round to find him on one knee with a box with a ring in and I have to admit it was all a bit of a blur after that! I know I said yes like loads of times. I was well and truly shocked!!! I was shaking super bad when he put the ring on... which is just beautiful! I have no idea how he got the size perfectly right as I don't normally wear rings so it was just purely a guess. 

So we then watched the Ballet (which I will talk more about in tomorrows post) and I was just on a massive high, but enjoyed every second of it. Then if it couldn't get anymore romantic we came back to the hotel and there was roses, and rose petals all around the room and even in the bathroom! The cake was there ( which was no mistake), a small bottle of champagne in ice, some strawberries! It was amazing! There was also candles which must of been lit while we were out as the room smelt of them.

The bed!

All the goodies! YUM

The roses in the bathroom

We also went to high tea the next day but again that will be in another post. 

But it really was the most amazing weekend of my life and still does not feel real that I am engaged. I felt like a princess! Truly have to thank Rohan for going to so much trouble to make it so special, its something I really will never EVER forget.