Thursday, 5 February 2015

DIY Wrapping Paper - Valentines

Hey guys, another valentines post for you guys, sorry if swamping you with valentines themed posts but I have some others planned too.

Today is a super simple idea to make your wrapping of your presents a little more personal.This can be used for birthdays as well!

Here is the paper I created so lets show you how I did it ( super super super simple)

You will need a:
1) Pen (marker)
2) Brown paper ( parcel paper)
3) Paint (colour of your choice)
4) Scissors
5) Sponge

And all you have to do is

1) Decide on what shape you wish to do, I chose a heart for valentines. Its best to keep the shapes simple. Then draw it on the sponge

2) Cut the shape out the sponge so you end up with something like this...

3) Squirt your paint onto something you can dip the sponge in. I used a paper plate.

4) Then simply sponge your pattern onto the paper. I do have to admit it took a few attempts before my hearts looked good. You have to figure out how much paint your should put on your sponge. I practised a bit on plain paper first. You can do it in rows, or just randomly whatever you think looks best. 

And yes its as simple as that. Once dry get wrapping. I didn't show you my wrapping cause frankly I suck at wrapping but hey at least my paper is cute!