Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cheryl Cole - Storm Flower - Perfume "review"

Hey guys, today I have a mini perfume review for you. I do find it quite hard to review perfumes so think this may be a pretty short post.
I was lucky enough to receive Cheryl Coles Storm Flower perfume for Christmas from one of my younger sisters. She knows I am a perfume lover and that I collect the bottles too. So she said this one smelt good and has scents I normally go for in. But also a super cute bottle!

I simply love the lid on the bottle, its super nice. Now onto trying to describe the perfume. I have looked up the notes in it for you guys to try and help.

Top notes - Mandarin, Nectarine
Heart notes - Freesia, Peach, Blossom
Base notes - Vanilla, white musk, sandalwood

So as you can tell from the notes its a fruity and musky sort of smell. I really enjoy fruity perfumes but as I am getting older I think I prefer them to be more feminine. This perfume has the hint of the fruit but with the vanilla and musk it gives it more of a feminine scent which is really nice and have had many compliments on it.
Its staying power is very good, some perfumes I find once sprayed you can smell then for a bit but then its just fades and you need to keep applying. This one I think settle on the skin well and throughout the day you can smell it. But yes by the end of the day it does start to fade.

Hope you enjoyed this mini review and hope it tempts you to go have a sniff at the perfume. Would love to hear what your favourite perfume is or scent!