Friday, 27 February 2015

What's in my travel wash bag

Hey guys, thought today I would show you what I take in my wash bag while travelling. These are the things I took to London for the weekend. I always carry my stuff around in my Ted Baker Wash bag which I bought around a year ago and use it all the time. I want to get a smaller one to hold my make up which I might do soon as off Bristol shopping with a friend in a couple weeks time.

As you can see all the products are travel size and ones that aren't I have put into a smaller container, The containers I use are from primark, they come in a little set in a clear bag. So here is what I have...

Hair Products
I don't really tend to take styling products with me, although I do need to get myself a travel heat protector of some sort. This time I took herbal essence shampoo and conditioner, which I picked up in primark for £1 each. I am not really fussy on what shampoo and conditioner I use I never really stuck to just one type.

Face Products
I do take a few face products with me specially at the moment cause I am really trying to get my skin looking healthier. So for face wash I took a simple one, I really like simple products and this one I have used before and makes your skin feel super clean. 
I took two moisturisers, one is a t-zone tea tree moisturiser which I use daily, I put this into a smaller container. But I also took my garnier moisture match for dry skin with me as during this cold weather I have noticed my skin being a bit dry so I use this at night times. I really like this but it is really thick.
Last face product is the simple make up remover, I don't tend to wear make up every day cause I am too lazy if I am honest. I have found that this simple make up remover is kind to the skin and does not sting your eyes either. again I put a small amount in a container.

The other products are essentials really, I have a vaseline compressed deodorant, I find the compressed ones are ideal for travel as are nice and small, the travel ones you buy don't seem to last five minutes!
Then I have a razor, tooth brush and paste and a wash scrunchie thing. I also have my body wash and a body lotion, these smelt amazing, they were bought in primark.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, is there any products you just HAVE to take while travelling ? 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

London Weekend - Swan Lake And High Tea

So yesterday I talked to you guys about the proposal, but did not want to make the post SUPER long. So today its a short but sweet post about the ballet and high tea.

The Saturday night is when we went to see Swan Lake, it was my first time seeing a real ballet and I was super excited. I did Ballet myself when I was younger from 4 until I was 18 so it really was a massive deal to me. We saw it at the beautiful Royal Opera House.

The stunning ceiling at the Royal Opera House
Our seats were right next to the boxes and we had a fantastic view. The whole place was silent while the ballet was on you could hear the point shoes on the ground. I have loved Swan Lake since was little and watched it many a time on telly but really does not compare to actually seeing it.I was on a complete high during the whole performance too ! for obvious reasons.

Then if I hadn't been spoilt enough over the weekend, Rohan had booked for us to go for high tea. I do love cake... like a lot and have always wanted to have a high tea.When we arrived we got taken to this little room with couple of sofas in and were completely alone! Which was rather nice, the room was really cute had books all around it and some pretty painting of what looked like mythical creatures.

We had lots of little cakes, which were all super yummy apart from the coffee one... argh I hate coffee in any form! There was also a selection of savoury bits at the bottom, including cray fish and salmon rolls. Rohan was silly enough to point out he was a vegetarian and unfortunately nothing of the savoury things he could have. But it was really nice and gave us a chance to yap and sit and enjoy each others company. Forgot to mention, there were scones and were still warm AMAZING!!! haha. 

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post :) Have any of you been to high tea?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Engagement Story

Hey guys, seems I shared some pretty exciting news for you yesterday I thought I would share with you my engagement story. Since is was pretty damn romantic!!

Me and Rohan were off to London for a weekend, as he bought me tickets to see swan lake as my Christmas present. Last year we went to see phantom of the opera so I didn't think much about it. So we travelled down via coach like we normally do and tubed it to Covent garden, where the Ballet was happening and where we were staying for the night. This was my first surprise of the weekend, we were walking past this amazing looking building, which was super fancy and just looked stunning. I was saying to Rohan how pretty it was. Then he was like we are staying there, I honestly thought he was mucking around but how wrong was I.
Rosewood Hotel
Me being clueless, still had no idea what was to come. This is where another clue happened and me being me was still completely clueless. When we got into our room, there was a knock on the door and a cake was brought in with congratulations written on it. Rohan was like oh they must of made a mistake but who cares, free cake. I really did not think much of it.
The cake that could of given it all away!
So yeah looking back on it, I feel rather stupid haha. Anyway we got ready and went out for a meal at La Ballerina in covent garden. A very cute Italian restaurant, the food was lovely and the staff were quick and ever so friendly. I would totally recommend it, its right next to the Royal Opera house.I did notice Rohan was slower than normal while eating, but again didn't think much of it. As he had said he wasn't feeling all that great.
/The both of us ready for the Ballet!
Now after the food we walked around for a bit, because we had about an hour to wait. I went into the shop and bought the program for swan lake, we had a look at the street performers in Covent garden and then went back into the Royal Opera House to wait for the Ballet to begin.
This is when it all happened, we were waiting by the hall bit to go in, they don't open it up until half an hour before the performance. We were talking and I was super excited to see the Ballet its something I have always wanted to do. Rohan pointed out this bust thing that was hung in a cabinet and I was having a look at it, I nearly walked off to look closer when he tapped me on the shoulder. So I turn round to find him on one knee with a box with a ring in and I have to admit it was all a bit of a blur after that! I know I said yes like loads of times. I was well and truly shocked!!! I was shaking super bad when he put the ring on... which is just beautiful! I have no idea how he got the size perfectly right as I don't normally wear rings so it was just purely a guess. 

So we then watched the Ballet (which I will talk more about in tomorrows post) and I was just on a massive high, but enjoyed every second of it. Then if it couldn't get anymore romantic we came back to the hotel and there was roses, and rose petals all around the room and even in the bathroom! The cake was there ( which was no mistake), a small bottle of champagne in ice, some strawberries! It was amazing! There was also candles which must of been lit while we were out as the room smelt of them.

The bed!

All the goodies! YUM

The roses in the bathroom

We also went to high tea the next day but again that will be in another post. 

But it really was the most amazing weekend of my life and still does not feel real that I am engaged. I felt like a princess! Truly have to thank Rohan for going to so much trouble to make it so special, its something I really will never EVER forget.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Update And A Suprise

hey guys, its been over two weeks since I have done a post, I know SUPER bad me but I just wanted a bit of time to myself and its been a rather eventful time!
I will be posting again regularly,. Seems I have lots to talk about.
But thought would post this to let you guys know I am still alive and I also have some VERY exciting news!!!

A massive surprise I totally had no idea, But I won't say to much about it as I plan to do like an engagement post for you!
Hope everyone is well, and new post will be up 2moro or the day after.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cheryl Cole - Storm Flower - Perfume "review"

Hey guys, today I have a mini perfume review for you. I do find it quite hard to review perfumes so think this may be a pretty short post.
I was lucky enough to receive Cheryl Coles Storm Flower perfume for Christmas from one of my younger sisters. She knows I am a perfume lover and that I collect the bottles too. So she said this one smelt good and has scents I normally go for in. But also a super cute bottle!

I simply love the lid on the bottle, its super nice. Now onto trying to describe the perfume. I have looked up the notes in it for you guys to try and help.

Top notes - Mandarin, Nectarine
Heart notes - Freesia, Peach, Blossom
Base notes - Vanilla, white musk, sandalwood

So as you can tell from the notes its a fruity and musky sort of smell. I really enjoy fruity perfumes but as I am getting older I think I prefer them to be more feminine. This perfume has the hint of the fruit but with the vanilla and musk it gives it more of a feminine scent which is really nice and have had many compliments on it.
Its staying power is very good, some perfumes I find once sprayed you can smell then for a bit but then its just fades and you need to keep applying. This one I think settle on the skin well and throughout the day you can smell it. But yes by the end of the day it does start to fade.

Hope you enjoyed this mini review and hope it tempts you to go have a sniff at the perfume. Would love to hear what your favourite perfume is or scent!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

DIY Wrapping Paper - Valentines

Hey guys, another valentines post for you guys, sorry if swamping you with valentines themed posts but I have some others planned too.

Today is a super simple idea to make your wrapping of your presents a little more personal.This can be used for birthdays as well!

Here is the paper I created so lets show you how I did it ( super super super simple)

You will need a:
1) Pen (marker)
2) Brown paper ( parcel paper)
3) Paint (colour of your choice)
4) Scissors
5) Sponge

And all you have to do is

1) Decide on what shape you wish to do, I chose a heart for valentines. Its best to keep the shapes simple. Then draw it on the sponge

2) Cut the shape out the sponge so you end up with something like this...

3) Squirt your paint onto something you can dip the sponge in. I used a paper plate.

4) Then simply sponge your pattern onto the paper. I do have to admit it took a few attempts before my hearts looked good. You have to figure out how much paint your should put on your sponge. I practised a bit on plain paper first. You can do it in rows, or just randomly whatever you think looks best. 

And yes its as simple as that. Once dry get wrapping. I didn't show you my wrapping cause frankly I suck at wrapping but hey at least my paper is cute!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentines Gifts - For Him

Untitled #14

Hey guys, I did a post like this on my old blog and it went down well. So decided to re do it on here with some new ideas. Valentines day is not that long away so I though I would share with you some ideas for presents for him. Lets face it men aren't that easy to buy for. Hope you like them!

1) Leather Wallet
I think this is a pretty obvious idea. Men tend to use there wallets until they are pretty much a bit of cloth. So updating his wallet to a nice new one is a good idea. Leather wallets are easy to pick up, places like TKmaxx, Next, Debenhams are the main places I look for a nice wallet. To add a more personal touch to it I suggest popping in a little credit card size picture of you both in it. 

2) Aftershave
Now this is another kind of an obvious choice, like buying a girl perfume for valentines. You can either get them there favourite scent, or yours ( haha). The other thing which I have pictured is a selection of little mini scents. You can get these in all sorts of places, this set is from These I think are great as you never knew he mind find a new scent he loves!

3) Hamper
You see these retro sweet hampers around a lot these days but I think making one of you own is the best way to go. Fill a cute box with his favourite sweets and candy, or you could fill with beers or just little things he likes. My boyfriend likes Japanese things so one year I covered a shoe box with anime characters and filled it with different Japanese sweets. 

4) A watch
Watches don't have to expensive and are very often on offer. I think this makes a nice gift and you can also personalise it if you want by getting it engraved on the back.

5) Personalised Keyring
For cute thing like a personalised key ring then is so the place to go. You can get it engraved with a cute saying you both like, the date you met, a special date of some sort or just your names. This does not have to be a keyring you can get all sorts of things like from pens, to cuff links. 

Hope these give you a few ideas for presents for your loved ones. I think valentines personalised is the way to go, make it something he knows you put a lot of thought into.