Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ted Baker Candle

Hey guys, today have a mini review about the Ted baker illuminate the town candle. Unfortunately from what I can see this is no longer available to buy but Ted baker do have some candles out and I really want them all now!
I bought this is the boots half price gift sale after Christmas. When I went into Boots before Christmas I saw this candle and knew I wanted it straight away. But decided that if it was meant to be it would be there in the sale waiting for me. I logged online on boxing day to get hold of the candle and was super sad it was sold out. But then went to my local one on the Monday after Christmas and there was one last one sat on the shelf waiting for me to buy it. 

It is in a beautiful china like pot which has a cute house design on that reminds me of the sea side. I will certainly wash this out once the candle has been burned and use it some how or just display it. Its a must have for anyone bedroom, would look so cute on a vanity table ( I WANT!)

The scent, well its really hard to describe scents but this certainly does have a floral rose type scent to it. But something about it is sweet also and it smells divine even when it isn't burning. But the scent is just amazing when its burning. I had to wait to burn it to take pictures for you guys....dedication! 

I really have a thing for candles at the moment and may even do a post on my favourite ones. Find it relaxing to have one burning in my room when I am chilling in the evenings If anyone knows any really good candles they could recommend me I would love to hear. Also does anyone else have a Ted baker candle and what one is it ?