Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pretty in pink Instax Mini 8 Camera Case

Hey guys, I am so close to 500 followers I could actually scream! I will be doing a give-away to celebrate but you will have to wait for me to collect bits for it. 
Now today's post is a review on a case I got from ebay for my instax mini 8. I have been carrying my camera around in one of those birchbox drawstring bags since I got it. Not too protective haha. So decided to have a look for a case and I came across this cute little one. It was around the £5 mark but did come from China and took around a month to get here.

As you can see it has cute illustrations all over it and is a cute baby pink colour. Looks rather yellow in this picture but thats my lights sorry.

Now I do have to admit is took me a while to get the camera in the case its a rather snug fit. Which is good but then I was like oh its going to be a pain while using it.

Until I discovered the flap bit poppers on and off so you can keep your camera protected while using it. So now my camera looks cute all the time!
It seems like it is good quality and think will last a long time, It comes with a strap with you can clip on and off also. Cant wait to take my camera out and about more now and not worry about it getting damaged.

You can pick the case up off ebay for £4.99 plus 99p postage Click here!

Do you any of you have an instax mini and do you know any more cute accessories for it ?