Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pop Vinyl Figures - Vocaloid

Hey guys, today I bring you some Pop Vinyl figures. I have been admiring these little cute figures for ages! But I could never decide which one I wanted to start my collection off with as well, I wanted it to be a memorable one. I did toy with the idea of a mickey one but was not so sure... until they announced they were doing vocaloid ones. I may of got a little excited and pre ordered miku straight away!

There is many different figures to collect but they all have the cute over sized head look and are really adorable. There is disney, marvel, games of thrones and many many more. So far I have three but I am planning on building a nice collection of them. All the figures I have so far are vocaloids.

The first one as I have already said I was Hatsune Miku

There is two versions of her I believe, one is the one above and Hot Topic has a special addition one where her hair is a shiny metallic. I decided to get Miku as my first one mainly because she was the first character I have cosplayed and well she is adorable. So she holds a little memory for me as well!

Next up is Kagamine Rin..

Rin is super cute, I think she looks even more adorable like this it really suits her. I have not seen any special additions of her around. She was my second one to buy, I was planning to get all the vocaloids they have released, she happened to be on a special offer when I ordered her so she came next. 

Now we have Kagamine Len

Len is Rins twin brother hence why they look very alike. Also looking rather cute ( yes cute has been over used in this post) This one was bought for me for Christmas by one of my sisters. She asked what I would like and he was within the price limit. 

Lastly... is one I am currently waiting for , not long ago the released Megurine Luka. But she is proving quite hard to get hold of. I did have her on pre order from forbidden planet but it didn't come in stock when they thought it would so refunded me. So I have now ordered her on Amazon and is apparently dispatched and on her way! so CANNOT wait for her to arrive. 

So this is my small Pop Vinyl Figures collection so far... I will show you guys new ones as I get them as I am sure there will be many!

Do any of you have any of these ?