Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year Post

Hey guys, just bought lots of goodies to help me keep more organised with my blog and keep posting regularly for you.

Thought I would do the typical new years post for you but to be honest I don't have any proper new years resolutions but thought I would share with you what I would like to happen this year.

Firstly by the end of the year me and my boyfriend would like to be living with each other. My first thing to do is get myself a job with decent amount of hours. During busy periods I do get full time work but during other times I am not on full time. I need a full time contract so we can live comfortably.

Second is to work harder on my blog, by this I mean post more often and keep at it. I tend to get periods where I just can never find the time. So going to try and get organised and keep a few posts written up I can use if I am really busy.

And lastly is to document memories so I have something to look back on. Take lots of pictures of  things I go and do.

Do you have any new years resolutions? if so what are they ? would love to hear !