Thursday, 22 January 2015

Keeping Myself Organised!

Hey guys, I am working on another post at the moment which is taking a bit longer than I thought it would. But I promised myself I would keep posts coming every week and I will not slack behind. I am working earlier than normally and lets just say my brain is struggling. That's if it works at all.

So I said at the start of the year I wanted to keep posts going up and get my little blog a little more organised and here comes the help of my little filo fax. I work in a stationary shop and I treated my self to this little beauty... with a nice help from staff discount (hell yes). But to be honest having a decent Diary is just the same.

Today I thought I would talk a little about how I use my filofax to keep my blog posts and my life organised. I am so bad at remembering what hours I am working and so forgetful. Writing things down helps!

Mine is two days per page, I find this gives me plenty of room to write what I need to, its not fun not having enough space to jot down notes.
Blog wise, I tend to write when a post is going up, post ideas I have for that week. I use sticky notes A LOT which I shall talk a bit more about in a minute.
Other things, work hours I write next to the date and last working day of the week I tend to write how many hours I worked that week, This helps make sure I am paid correctly.
If I am meeting up with friends or have something on I write it in, if I need money for it I write down roughly what I need to help keep track on finances.

In the back, I have this little life saver, sticky notes are my best friends. Each week I use a large sticky note and write down a few post ideas I could do for that week. I use the smaller ones when deciding what day a certain post will go up so I can move it around if I change my mind about when the post will go up. 
I also use them to write down anything I need to buy, like at the moment there is a few bits I need to get for London this is stuck on the week I get paid. 

Last thing is just behind the sticky notes I have note paper, when I get a post idea I jot down a few points on what could do etc. Especially if I see something in a shop and decide on a crafty idea its perfect to write it down cause I know I will forget.

That is everything really, I have recently added a finance page to it, which is going to help me keep track of my money so I don't buy stuff I do not need. SAVE ALL THE MONEY!!!
I hope this helps give people ideas on how to keep there blog organised and maybe tempt you into getting a cute little filo fax.