Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to... Memory Jar

Hey guys, today I have a small crafty project which I think is a really good one specially because its the start of a new year. I am going to show you how to make a cute... but simple memory jar.

You will need :
  • An empty jar
  • Super Glue ( or some sort of adhesive for glass) 
  • Old Brush ( to apply glue to the decorations)
  • Items to decorate the jar

Above is a few examples of things you could use to decorate your jar. Most of these were purchased from the pound shop and others are bits I have had lying around from scrap booking.

Now this is really a simple project. Using the items you wish to use to decorate your jar, apply them with your glue and leave to dry. Make sure you apply enough glue so they do not fall off like a few of mine did and I had to re stick.

This is what mine ended up looking like, I was going to write 2015 on the label but decided to use "memories" as I thought I could re use it. I think the ribbon on it gives a nice little touch. I did decide to just decorate the front but you can go ahead and go crazy if you want to.

You may be thinking what is the purpose of the jar. Well whenever something good happens during the year you write it down and pop it in your jar. Here is the first one I put in mine.

You can also put tickets from anything in it also like from the cinema or a trip to the zoo. I think I might also pop an odd polarized picture in it also. Then when the year is over you empty out the jar and look back on the memories from the year. I plan to open mine up with Rohan on new years eve 2015 and look back on what I hope will be an awesome year. 

Hope you enjoyed this very simple little how to. Hope you are inspired to make a memory jar of your own!