Thursday, 29 January 2015

Cat Caravan!!

So, a bit of a different post today and one for the crazy cat ladies out there... and crazy cat men too!
We all know that cats and other animals simply love cardboard boxes. If there is a box lying around most cats WILL sit in it.

My cat bubbles demonstrating just how fun boxes are... even broken ones! She does look a tad grumpy there "mum get the camera out my face"

So when I had an email from Bettina and Merle arrive in my inbox telling me about this nifty little cat caravan kickstarter they have going I knew I had to do a post on it as I think its a pretty awesome idea!
So I present to you...THE CAT CARAVAN

I think Bubbles would love one! 
They designed a sturdy box for your cat to either hide in, jump on and just generally have fun with. You also get two little toys in which they can play with,  Eco friendly, its 100% recyable and also possible to create your own with there DIY instructions. Its easy to store as you can fold it back up and pop it away... if your cat lets you.

Now where do you get one of these ? well if you go over to the kickstater page by clicking here, where you can also find out more information about the cat caravan. You can pledge and help get this item into production, you don't have to pledge much but as Tesco say "every little helps". I really think this is an awesome idea and they have said if the caravan is a success they plan on extending the play house series so there may be some even more awesome designs.
Hope your enjoyed this different post as an little extra for you guys!