Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Massive Thank You

Hey guys, I do have another normal post going up. But I wanted to take a minute to thank you. Last weekend I hit 500 followers and have gained a few more since. When I started my blog up again last july I really was a little unsure as last time I really fell out of the love of blogging and started to find it a chore. But this time round, I have really gotten back into it and have started this year well and enjoying doing post for you guys.

So as a thank you I will be doing a giveaway, it will go up in the next month or so as I am decided on what to do for it. It won't be anything massive but some little bits as a thank you.

Also since my little crafty memory box went down so well I think I will try to include more little things like that every now and then. Things that will be coming up will be some weekend away themed posts as I am off to London for a weekend end of Feb to see Swan Lake.... SO EXCITED!!
Cosplay will certainly be playing a part in posts soon with a post coming up very soon about conventions. I am off to a convention in July and will be starting work on my first time creating my own cosplays... so you guys will get the tips and tricks and most likely some what not to do also.

I am glad people are enjoying my blog and please leave a comment whenever you can cause it really is my favourite part of blogging is reading comments !

So um thank you again!! and cya soon!