Thursday, 29 January 2015

Cat Caravan!!

So, a bit of a different post today and one for the crazy cat ladies out there... and crazy cat men too!
We all know that cats and other animals simply love cardboard boxes. If there is a box lying around most cats WILL sit in it.

My cat bubbles demonstrating just how fun boxes are... even broken ones! She does look a tad grumpy there "mum get the camera out my face"

So when I had an email from Bettina and Merle arrive in my inbox telling me about this nifty little cat caravan kickstarter they have going I knew I had to do a post on it as I think its a pretty awesome idea!
So I present to you...THE CAT CARAVAN

I think Bubbles would love one! 
They designed a sturdy box for your cat to either hide in, jump on and just generally have fun with. You also get two little toys in which they can play with,  Eco friendly, its 100% recyable and also possible to create your own with there DIY instructions. Its easy to store as you can fold it back up and pop it away... if your cat lets you.

Now where do you get one of these ? well if you go over to the kickstater page by clicking here, where you can also find out more information about the cat caravan. You can pledge and help get this item into production, you don't have to pledge much but as Tesco say "every little helps". I really think this is an awesome idea and they have said if the caravan is a success they plan on extending the play house series so there may be some even more awesome designs.
Hope your enjoyed this different post as an little extra for you guys!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pop Vinyl Figures - Vocaloid

Hey guys, today I bring you some Pop Vinyl figures. I have been admiring these little cute figures for ages! But I could never decide which one I wanted to start my collection off with as well, I wanted it to be a memorable one. I did toy with the idea of a mickey one but was not so sure... until they announced they were doing vocaloid ones. I may of got a little excited and pre ordered miku straight away!

There is many different figures to collect but they all have the cute over sized head look and are really adorable. There is disney, marvel, games of thrones and many many more. So far I have three but I am planning on building a nice collection of them. All the figures I have so far are vocaloids.

The first one as I have already said I was Hatsune Miku

There is two versions of her I believe, one is the one above and Hot Topic has a special addition one where her hair is a shiny metallic. I decided to get Miku as my first one mainly because she was the first character I have cosplayed and well she is adorable. So she holds a little memory for me as well!

Next up is Kagamine Rin..

Rin is super cute, I think she looks even more adorable like this it really suits her. I have not seen any special additions of her around. She was my second one to buy, I was planning to get all the vocaloids they have released, she happened to be on a special offer when I ordered her so she came next. 

Now we have Kagamine Len

Len is Rins twin brother hence why they look very alike. Also looking rather cute ( yes cute has been over used in this post) This one was bought for me for Christmas by one of my sisters. She asked what I would like and he was within the price limit. 

Lastly... is one I am currently waiting for , not long ago the released Megurine Luka. But she is proving quite hard to get hold of. I did have her on pre order from forbidden planet but it didn't come in stock when they thought it would so refunded me. So I have now ordered her on Amazon and is apparently dispatched and on her way! so CANNOT wait for her to arrive. 

So this is my small Pop Vinyl Figures collection so far... I will show you guys new ones as I get them as I am sure there will be many!

Do any of you have any of these ?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Keeping Myself Organised!

Hey guys, I am working on another post at the moment which is taking a bit longer than I thought it would. But I promised myself I would keep posts coming every week and I will not slack behind. I am working earlier than normally and lets just say my brain is struggling. That's if it works at all.

So I said at the start of the year I wanted to keep posts going up and get my little blog a little more organised and here comes the help of my little filo fax. I work in a stationary shop and I treated my self to this little beauty... with a nice help from staff discount (hell yes). But to be honest having a decent Diary is just the same.

Today I thought I would talk a little about how I use my filofax to keep my blog posts and my life organised. I am so bad at remembering what hours I am working and so forgetful. Writing things down helps!

Mine is two days per page, I find this gives me plenty of room to write what I need to, its not fun not having enough space to jot down notes.
Blog wise, I tend to write when a post is going up, post ideas I have for that week. I use sticky notes A LOT which I shall talk a bit more about in a minute.
Other things, work hours I write next to the date and last working day of the week I tend to write how many hours I worked that week, This helps make sure I am paid correctly.
If I am meeting up with friends or have something on I write it in, if I need money for it I write down roughly what I need to help keep track on finances.

In the back, I have this little life saver, sticky notes are my best friends. Each week I use a large sticky note and write down a few post ideas I could do for that week. I use the smaller ones when deciding what day a certain post will go up so I can move it around if I change my mind about when the post will go up. 
I also use them to write down anything I need to buy, like at the moment there is a few bits I need to get for London this is stuck on the week I get paid. 

Last thing is just behind the sticky notes I have note paper, when I get a post idea I jot down a few points on what could do etc. Especially if I see something in a shop and decide on a crafty idea its perfect to write it down cause I know I will forget.

That is everything really, I have recently added a finance page to it, which is going to help me keep track of my money so I don't buy stuff I do not need. SAVE ALL THE MONEY!!!
I hope this helps give people ideas on how to keep there blog organised and maybe tempt you into getting a cute little filo fax.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Massive Thank You

Hey guys, I do have another normal post going up. But I wanted to take a minute to thank you. Last weekend I hit 500 followers and have gained a few more since. When I started my blog up again last july I really was a little unsure as last time I really fell out of the love of blogging and started to find it a chore. But this time round, I have really gotten back into it and have started this year well and enjoying doing post for you guys.

So as a thank you I will be doing a giveaway, it will go up in the next month or so as I am decided on what to do for it. It won't be anything massive but some little bits as a thank you.

Also since my little crafty memory box went down so well I think I will try to include more little things like that every now and then. Things that will be coming up will be some weekend away themed posts as I am off to London for a weekend end of Feb to see Swan Lake.... SO EXCITED!!
Cosplay will certainly be playing a part in posts soon with a post coming up very soon about conventions. I am off to a convention in July and will be starting work on my first time creating my own cosplays... so you guys will get the tips and tricks and most likely some what not to do also.

I am glad people are enjoying my blog and please leave a comment whenever you can cause it really is my favourite part of blogging is reading comments !

So um thank you again!! and cya soon!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ted Baker Candle

Hey guys, today have a mini review about the Ted baker illuminate the town candle. Unfortunately from what I can see this is no longer available to buy but Ted baker do have some candles out and I really want them all now!
I bought this is the boots half price gift sale after Christmas. When I went into Boots before Christmas I saw this candle and knew I wanted it straight away. But decided that if it was meant to be it would be there in the sale waiting for me. I logged online on boxing day to get hold of the candle and was super sad it was sold out. But then went to my local one on the Monday after Christmas and there was one last one sat on the shelf waiting for me to buy it. 

It is in a beautiful china like pot which has a cute house design on that reminds me of the sea side. I will certainly wash this out once the candle has been burned and use it some how or just display it. Its a must have for anyone bedroom, would look so cute on a vanity table ( I WANT!)

The scent, well its really hard to describe scents but this certainly does have a floral rose type scent to it. But something about it is sweet also and it smells divine even when it isn't burning. But the scent is just amazing when its burning. I had to wait to burn it to take pictures for you guys....dedication! 

I really have a thing for candles at the moment and may even do a post on my favourite ones. Find it relaxing to have one burning in my room when I am chilling in the evenings If anyone knows any really good candles they could recommend me I would love to hear. Also does anyone else have a Ted baker candle and what one is it ? 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pretty in pink Instax Mini 8 Camera Case

Hey guys, I am so close to 500 followers I could actually scream! I will be doing a give-away to celebrate but you will have to wait for me to collect bits for it. 
Now today's post is a review on a case I got from ebay for my instax mini 8. I have been carrying my camera around in one of those birchbox drawstring bags since I got it. Not too protective haha. So decided to have a look for a case and I came across this cute little one. It was around the £5 mark but did come from China and took around a month to get here.

As you can see it has cute illustrations all over it and is a cute baby pink colour. Looks rather yellow in this picture but thats my lights sorry.

Now I do have to admit is took me a while to get the camera in the case its a rather snug fit. Which is good but then I was like oh its going to be a pain while using it.

Until I discovered the flap bit poppers on and off so you can keep your camera protected while using it. So now my camera looks cute all the time!
It seems like it is good quality and think will last a long time, It comes with a strap with you can clip on and off also. Cant wait to take my camera out and about more now and not worry about it getting damaged.

You can pick the case up off ebay for £4.99 plus 99p postage Click here!

Do you any of you have an instax mini and do you know any more cute accessories for it ?

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to... Memory Jar

Hey guys, today I have a small crafty project which I think is a really good one specially because its the start of a new year. I am going to show you how to make a cute... but simple memory jar.

You will need :
  • An empty jar
  • Super Glue ( or some sort of adhesive for glass) 
  • Old Brush ( to apply glue to the decorations)
  • Items to decorate the jar

Above is a few examples of things you could use to decorate your jar. Most of these were purchased from the pound shop and others are bits I have had lying around from scrap booking.

Now this is really a simple project. Using the items you wish to use to decorate your jar, apply them with your glue and leave to dry. Make sure you apply enough glue so they do not fall off like a few of mine did and I had to re stick.

This is what mine ended up looking like, I was going to write 2015 on the label but decided to use "memories" as I thought I could re use it. I think the ribbon on it gives a nice little touch. I did decide to just decorate the front but you can go ahead and go crazy if you want to.

You may be thinking what is the purpose of the jar. Well whenever something good happens during the year you write it down and pop it in your jar. Here is the first one I put in mine.

You can also put tickets from anything in it also like from the cinema or a trip to the zoo. I think I might also pop an odd polarized picture in it also. Then when the year is over you empty out the jar and look back on the memories from the year. I plan to open mine up with Rohan on new years eve 2015 and look back on what I hope will be an awesome year. 

Hope you enjoyed this very simple little how to. Hope you are inspired to make a memory jar of your own!

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year Post

Hey guys, just bought lots of goodies to help me keep more organised with my blog and keep posting regularly for you.

Thought I would do the typical new years post for you but to be honest I don't have any proper new years resolutions but thought I would share with you what I would like to happen this year.

Firstly by the end of the year me and my boyfriend would like to be living with each other. My first thing to do is get myself a job with decent amount of hours. During busy periods I do get full time work but during other times I am not on full time. I need a full time contract so we can live comfortably.

Second is to work harder on my blog, by this I mean post more often and keep at it. I tend to get periods where I just can never find the time. So going to try and get organised and keep a few posts written up I can use if I am really busy.

And lastly is to document memories so I have something to look back on. Take lots of pictures of  things I go and do.

Do you have any new years resolutions? if so what are they ? would love to hear !