Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Cute Winter Outfit

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Hey guys, today I thought I would share with you an outfit I have been loving at the moment. A while ago I spotter this rather cute skater skirt from new look. For £17.99 I thought it was a little pricey for what it was, but in the cyber monday deals I managed to get 20% off. Seems every time I went into new look I would look at this skirt I just had to get it.
When I purchased it, it was one of those items where I was like I know exactly how I want to wear it.

So with the skirt in mind, I decided it would look great with a plain black long sleeve top. Sine the skirt has a fair amount on pattern on it I thought the plain top would look fantastic with it. I then paired it with some thick black leggings because it was rather cold, but it is just long enough to pair with tights too. 
Then while late night shopping the other night I got some awesome boots from deichmann for just £14.99. They are pictured above. So these really added to the outfit. These may look high but are super comfortable.

Then to add a little something extra to the outfit I have the fur gillet from avon. This is currently priced at £35 but I managed to snap it up for £20. It really finishes off the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I shall see you guys again on saturday

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Home Made Face/Hair Mask....FAILURE!

Hey guys, today is a bit of a fun post. A while ago I decided it would be fun to DIY my own facemask. So I did, lets just say it was a messy experience but also a lot of fun to. So I thought I would share with you guys what I did. 

First of all I started off with a few bowls,a fork, two bananas, an avocado and well that's it. I read that avocado was good for your hair and banana was good for the skin so that's why I picked these two. 

So to make them all I did was mush them up in a bowl. Yes that simple, well so I thought haha. The banana mushed up easy and I applied it to my face and left for 20 mins and it did wonders. My skin felt lovely and smooth and where I had a spot the redness had gone down a lot. I think my spot cleared away a lot faster.. So I really recommend that. I used two bananas but I think only needed one. 

Now onto the avocado hair mask, Now I thought it would be easy to mash up, but it really was not. So if you have a blender I REALLY suggest you use it. I ended up with this.... 

As you can see, its not very smooth. But me being me still decided to apply it to my hair. So I wet my hair a very little bit with a spray bottle as I thought it may help it sink in more. Then applied what you see above to my hair. Not only did I get it everywhere, the floor, the sink, the wall. I ended up with big bits of avocado in my hair, which at first I did not think it was a bad thing. Then I tried washing it out after leaving on for around half an hour. I washed it out with just warm water and well the bits did not come out my hair at all. So I decided to comb through hoping this will help get the chunky bits out. No it just squashed them more in my hair. So after around 20 ish minutes of washing, brushing this stuff out my hair I gave up. Went to bed with a few bits in my hair still. Hoping in the morning they would come out. Which they did, but after all the hassle I don't think it made any difference to my hair. So what an utter fail. 
Although I will say I may try it again but with the use of a blender!

If anyone has any fruits etc or diy face mask posts I would love it if you linked them below for me to read. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Geeky Present Ideas

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Hey guys, I don't know about you but to be honest me and my fella are quite geeky. So today I thought I would share with you a few presents which would be perfect for geeky friends or yourself. 

Pop Vinyl Figure - These are great little gifts, there is just far to many to choose from. From games of thrones to the nightmare before christmas. These are little figures with large heads and are rather cute. Range from around £8 onwards and can be bought on Amazon, Zavvi and even spotted some in my local HMV. 

Virtual Reality Headset - This year I have seen loads of these around, they range from around £15 onwards. Again can be bought on Amazon and any shop that tends to do gadget things. These work with most smart phones, you can download games and alsorts for them. They give a mini virtual reality headset so it will be like your in the game. I have yet to try one out yet but have seen many reviews are are meant to be rather good. Perfect for a gadget lover or gamer!

Art Print - Do you know an anime they love ? or just a character they really like. Or anything really, prints make a really good present. You can get these on all sorts of places like Etsy and places like that are the best places to look. Also you can pick up canvas pictures of marvel characters etc in loads of places now. So keep an eye out. Or if you are good draw one yourself!

Figure - Again a bit like the pop figures, you can get them a figure of some sort. From cute little Nendroid figures to sexy ones. There is lots of fake ones on Ebay so be careful when buying. I recommend places like Good Smile Company and other places for awesome anime figures. 

Plush - Last but really not least and one of my favorite things to get are plushies! My boyfriend has given me a few over the years I have been with him and I LOVE them all. Also if your friend is a Disney fan and you want a little something to add to a present I totally recommend TSUM plushies. They are adorable!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, I am sorry its a day late but my net is rubbish!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Favorites !

Hey guys, today I thought I would share a few things I have been liking in the last month. I have three things to share with you. So here we go..

So during the month of November me and my fiancee celebrated 4 years together. So we went out for a meal at the place we had our first date.I decided to treat myself to a Mac lipstick, I didn't want anything to bold so after asking a few friends I decided on the shade plumful. Its a beautiful shade and I have been wearing lots, I certainly hope to get a few more Mac items.

Not just during the month of November but just in general I have fallen in love with the anime Love Live School Idol. I play the game on my ipad all the time and have watched both season of the anime and REALLY want to watch the movie. I love the characters personality and the songs etc. Kotori is ny favorite! It really is awesome and totally recommend people watch it ! 

Last item was actually a freebie and I intend to purchase the full size once I have finished it off. This is L'Occitane light comforting cream. Which is a lovely moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling amazing. During the colder months my skin gets so dry and horrible but this is making a massive improvement on it. The dry patches are going and my skin looks healthier ! I am very tempted to try some other products in the range. 

Hope you enjoyed the few products and things I have been enjoying! Please leave a comment with products you would recommend for me to try.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Back Blogging

Hey guys, so as I said in my last post, now December is upon us ( yay Christmas!!) As promised I am back in the blogging world. Have decided to set up a schedule so I keep my posts more frequent. So from this week onwards there will be a new post every Tuesday and Saturday.  Today's post is a just a welcome back sort of post and to give you a sneak peak of whats coming up.

So seems Christmas is sneaking up on us, I will be doing a few gift guides to help with presents you may be stuck with. Hopefully like me most of your presents are ready and awaiting to be wrapped. I have a few Christmas DIY things for you, which I have been working on the last few days. Also some home made face masks which I had lots of fun doing. Last but not least I will introduce you to this little guy.

So next post will be up on Saturday... and yes I know its not Tuesday today but I some how lost a day. The joys of working in retail this time of year everything just meh haha.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I'm back!!!

Hello guys! Yes long time no see. I sort of fell out of love with blogging and lost my way. But now as you can see I have spent some time and given my blog a new look. I personally really like it and I hope you guys do too. I won't be getting back into blogging officially until next month because one of the reasons I fell out of love was I was getting snowed under. So I am going to get myself organised first! 

Again hope you like the new look, and will speak to you again shortly! 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Saying Goodbye To a Friend...

Hey guys, the last week has not been a fun one although ended on a high. To start the week I had the flu and it really wiped me out and still don't feel great not. I ache ALL over. 
But worst of all, our family dog had been poorly for a while. He was a grand age of 15 and his back legs had started to give up on him. They slowly got worse and worse then there was nothing else they could do for him, He was in pain a lot and was just not the cheerful little dog he always was. It was not fair on him to carry on any more so we had to made the super hard decision and have him put down.
Smudge had such a lovely cheeky character and was always there for you to give you love when you are feeling down. He barked whenever you sang happy birthday as well we always gave him a little bit of cake. But he truly was another part of the family and will be very missed! 

On a slightly happier note, one of my best friends got married the weekend. Was a lovely day and spent the weekend by the sea! which is always a plus! Wish them both a very happy future together, was also a little scary to think that will be me and Rohan in the near future!!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Month Of Blogging Tips!

Hey guys, so today is my last day of blogging everyday for a month. I really have to admit it was really hard work and some of my post I am not all that pleased with. But glad I manage to get one up every day. So with that in mind here are a few tips that I think may help for other people thinking about blogging for a whole month. I hope to do it again in a few months time and hopefully be more organised with it too.

1) Be Organised - If you are thinking of blogging for a month you need to be organised. Get pictures etc ready for posts you have planned.

2) Don't Do It If You Don't Think You Can - You need to be motivated to post everyday for a month so if you don't think you can do it then you most likely won't. You need to be postive :)

3) Plan Ahead - Now this one is a MUST!!! I did kind of plan ahead but I think would plan more next time. Have some post up an written before the month start so you have some to fall on.

4) Write Posts Ahead Of Time - Now I started the month with a list of posts I could do, and some of them I really just did not have the time to do because things came up. I think to start a month of blogging you need at least 10 post written up and ready to go. This will make things so much easier for you. If you have some posts that might take longer to do than others get them done!

5) Make use of social media sites - I discovered hoot suite during my month of blogging and tried it out a few days to see if it made a difference. I had this posting for me three times a day on my social media sites. The days I did use it my views went up loads. This is a tip for general blogging too. I will certainly be making more use of it in the future!

6) Get A Notebook - Now I wish a used my notebook more during my month of blogging. But I did start off with post written down for about half the month. What I did is write what day I would post it a little bit about what the post is and then what pictures I need. I think this is a must! Plan ahead!

Hope you find these tips useful, I will be taking around a week off blogging to working on my cosplays and to refresh my mind. 

Has anyone else done a month of blogging ? and do you have any other tips ? 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Quick And Easy Blog Post Ideas

Hey guys, while thinking about today's post I got a little stuck. But then had an idea to share with you 5 easy and quick post ideas. For the days when like me you are stuck for a post but really want to put something up. These are also good for when you do the month of blogging like I have done as will give you a few easy posts to start you off.

1) Favourite Product - Is there a product or item you keep finding yourself picking up? Write a post about it, Say what you like about it, maybe a few things you don't like about it and why you keep going back to it. 

2) Top 5 - Could be your top five movies, top five programs, or even your top 5 netflix shows (if you are a netflix addict like me). These are really easy to do could be the top 5 of anything you want it to be. My personal top 5 ones to read are top blogs/ youtubers you tend to find some you never knew about.

3) Outfit of the day - Is the outfit your wearing that day super cute ? or can even be a nice casual outfit. Show your viewers what you are wearing. I also really like these as quite often I find something I would not normally go for and then go try it on for myself.

4) Products You Want - Lets face it there is always something you want that you either can't afford or just don't want to spend the money on it. You can pick a certain brand and pick some items from them you are really wanting ( for me I would pick ted baker). So its pretty much a wishlist.

5) Picture Post - Everyone takes pictures, specially with all the camera phones people have these days. So go through your photos pick a few pictures and pop them on your post. Write a little about them underneath. I really like these specially when people include silly pictures with there friends or just a yummy muffin they had. Really easy to do!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Look

Untitled #21

Hey guys, today thought would share with you an outfit I have put together for the summer. Hope you like it!

1) Maxi Skirts - I do love a good maxi skirt and think they look great on people with curves ( without too). These are great if you don't like your legs also as covers them up while still keeping you cool. I love this coral one from new look the colour is just stunning.

2) Lace top - I love lace and this lace top from H and M would look super cute tucked into this maxi skirt. I think when have such a bold colour on the bottom its best to keep the top plain. 

3) Flower Crown - Now these really are a must for the summer, You can pick them up almost everywhere or even attempt to make you own!

4) Shoes - I spotted these lace up sandals on the top shop website and if I remember rightly when I was younger I used to live in a pair just like them. Totally love these and think will look super cute under the maxi skirt.

Whats your favourite item to wear in the summer ?  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Primark Haul

Hey guys, soooo my sister came home with some cute bargain shoes on Wednesday from Primark and were only £3. So I had to pop in and snap myself up a pair the very next day. I knew there was trouble as there was a 50% sale sign up in the window. Come on girls we all know what a danger primark is without sale so god help me. I have to admit I was quite good. But I do hope to pop back in the morning and pick up a maxi dress I spotted.

The shoes that made me go in !! haha. So not only did I pick these up, as thought they were great for this time of year and look like will last a long time. I picked up these too


These were just £6, I picked these up and put them down a few times before trying them on. They are super easy to walk in and are really light.

Other bits I picked up were another harry potter related t shirt, this was just £3 in the sale. I have a rather large collection of harry potter tops now but oh well! They also have the "i'm a muggle" t shirt selling off for just £3... I already have it though

Last thing I picked up were these two headband things, These are to wear with my dress for the wedding. To be honest I could not decide which one to pick up as they were only £1 each I picked up both and thought I would decide on the day!!

My whole primark haul came to just £17 and believe me these was lots more I really wanted to pick up haha. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Wedding Guest Outfit

Hey guys, today I thought I would show you an outfit I have planned for a wedding I am going to in july. I bought this dress off very.co.uk quite a while ago now as it just appealed to me. When I got it I fell in love, it fits lovely and is unusual and that why I like it.

So I am going to say this dress has bugs on it!!

So yeah, when I ordered it I just kinda wanted to see what it was like. Bet when it came and I put it on, it just looked so nice and its so unusual.

I have some wedges to wear with it, sorry for some reason the lighting in this picture is super off. But they are a nude colour.

And also picked up this pale pink bag to use, I was not going to buy a bag as I personally hate using small bags so was going to borrow one off a friend. But saw this one and its a nice size and would use it again. So win win.

I will certainly share pictures from the lovely wedding day when it comes! 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nothing better than a new hair cut!!

Another quick post today, sorry at the end of my month of blogging and have to admit its starting to defeat me a bit. I shall be taking a week off of blogging once it is over then back to posting once, sometimes twice a week. Its been really hard coming up with ideas and work went crazy on me switching around my hours which made it hard to keep up. But also I hope I finish these last few days. Certainly have some tips for other people who want to do it too.

Today's post is a small hair story. When I was younger my hair went down past my bum and I loved it. Then when I got to my teens one day I decided to give it a chop and have had shoulder ish length hair since. Lately have been missing my longer hair a bit so decided to let it grow a bit.
This is when my hair reminded me how thick it likes to get and how hot it is with hair down. Anyway I pretty much have it at the length I want now, After my hair cut yesterday its just above my boobs maybe want a couple more inches to it but I am pretty happy.

So as I said my hair got super thick and just looked a bit meh to me. So booked an appointment to get my hair shaped and looking better. Super please with how it now looks! All I did was blow dry it this morning and this is how it turned out!

in love..

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

To Skort Or Not To Skort??

Hey guys, this post is for those curvy ladies out there! I keep seeing cute skorts in shops and always wondered if they would look good on me. Being a curvy lady I always thought they would really not suit me. However I decided to give one a go. So while looking on very.co.uk I spotted one I really liked and was near my birthday and had been given a discount code. So thought why not give it a go. I could always send it back if I did not like.

So it came, I put it on and was undecided. But after trying it wearing a few different ways I decided it was okay and that I would give it ago.

So I have no worn this a few times, once out for a meal with the family with tights and a vest top tucked in. It looked nice and I felt comfortable.

I think when you see things that you like weather or not you think they suit you its always worth a try on and give things a chance! I plan to pick up a few more skorts now as they are really comfortable and you don't have to worry about flashing your bum.

Sorry if this is a bit of a random post but the post I was planning to do does not wanna play haha. So I say SKORT are the things to do. You can dress them up or down!

GIVE THINGS A GO!! you never know what looks good until you try. Specially curvy ladies. Don't be afraid to try new things :) 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Book Review - Grey - E L James

Hey Guys, today I have a book review for you. You may notice from other posts etc that I am a big reader. I love nothing better to sink in a comfortable chair and read for hours on end.

So with that said when the first Fifty Shades Of Grey Books came out as most book lovers I was quite curious and gave them a read. First thing first they are really poorly written, just not a nice read some bits don't really make any sense and the store is well kind of creepy. Despite this I did read all three and I just really did not get the hype about it. Oooo a naughty book whatever next. There is so many books like this around and a lot less creepy.

When the film came out I instantly knew I really did not want to go to see it. So I didn't and don't really fancy paying money to see it at all.

But despite all this when the new "Grey" book came out I felt the need to buy it, pretty much to see if it as bad as the others. Could it possibly get worse ? Apparently so!

Its like reading the first book over again, there is not much change at all. I have read books that have the other persons view of the story and enjoyed them before as they give it a different perspective. But no. You see all the same emails, its comes across even more creepy which I did not think was possible. The way he pursues her is just kind of disgusting and does not come across as a healthy relationship. All these people who want there Mr Grey are insane, why would you want a relationship like that. And not I am not some sort of prude its not the whole "play room" thing that disgusts me. Its just him as a person is so creepy and I don't even know how to describe it. 

This book is just a pile rubbish, if you are going to read a book. Read something that is better written at least. Grey was blatantly released to push the DVD sales. Its quite frankly even worse than the other books. 
The annoying thing is I know like many others, people like me have picked up this book just to see if its as bad as the others!

If you are a fan of the books then please I would love to hear your reasons for liking the book ? Am I the only one who finds him creepy ? 

Monday, 22 June 2015

For The Love Of Disney

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Hey guys, this post is a bit late in the day as I kind of feel behind. But on my last week of blogging for a month so gotta keep going NEARLY DONE IT!

Today's post is a bit of a fun one I am going to share with you my top Disney characters and then try and pick my favourite Disney films. Which is going to be hard for me!

Characters, I have three ones I love the most which you can see above.

Thumper - From Bambi - I love the voice of thumper and just the way thumper is. Totally cute and sweet and loveable.

Ariel - From The Little Mermaid - Its hard for me to have a favourite Disney princess but right from when I was young Ariel has also had a soft spot in my heart. I just love her.

Gus - From Cinderella - Gus is just a goof ball and super clumsy and I love him for that. Really is my favourite.

Now to my favourite films, these are in no order and was REALLY hard to pick just five.

1) The Little Mermaid
2) Finding Nemo
3) Cinderella (not seen the live action one yet)
4) Alice In Wonderland (books the lot I am obsessed)
5) Pocahontas

Would love if you left you favourite characters in the comments or films :) 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cosplay Progress - Togetic

Hey guys, this is the last cosplay post and hope you enjoyed my cosplay week!

Last cosplay I have to show you is a human form of the pokemon togetic. I am quite pleased with this one. I started it by looking up with up what other people had done for human form pokemon, then went on to design my own. I certainly decided to do a very girly take on it.

Togetic is the pokemon I decided to go with. I started off with a white dress, it was a little cream for my liking so I did bleach it first. Its still not quite as white as I would like it but its enough. for now, I think I may go back and do some more to this cosplay.

I bought a pack of sharpie fabric pens and used them to draw the designs on, So this is red and blue triangles, small large etc. Tried to keep the shapes varied and also turning in different directions.

Was really pleased how it turned out. It did not take as long as I thought it would. The pens were really easy to use did not bleed out or anything like some I have used have.

I made a pokeball headbow to go with my outfit also and decided to pair it with a long white wig. I plan to show how to make your own headbands in a post later on so keep an eye out for that.

Last thing to complete the outfit I found a cute pokeball bag on ebay! which is super cute.

I still have a couple things left to do for this outfit, which is to decide on what shoes. I am thinking red and blue shoes would look cute. Also I plan to make some wings out of foam.

Hope you enjoyed todays posts and all my cosplay posts!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A simple easy cosplay

Hey guys, today thought would show you a simple easy cosplay. One that does not cost a lot to put together and is things you can pick up in stores or find very cheaply online.

Anyone a fan of pokemon ? well today we are going to create Serena from pokemon x and y

All you need is

A Black Top - I picked mine up from primark, as you can see it does have a peter pan collar to it. You can either one make one your self or even pick up the collar necklaces that seem to be everywhere at the moment. I actually bought a cheap t shirt which I am going to cut off the sleeves and make them into the collar.

Red Skirt - Red skater skirts are super easy to find in stores and online. I got mine on amazon and was less that £5. You can add the pocket detail if you wish

Black Knee High Socks - Depending on the time of year these are easy to find in shops. I did order mine on-line as well summer is here and knee high socks are not readily available. Was a bit disappointed when they came as seemed more like tights than socks but they fit nice and look good!

My skirt is a little short but shall be wearing shorts under it!

Red Hat - Look for a red bowler hat when searching on ebay, mine was again under £5 and I actually really like it and have ordered another colour haha.

White Frame Glasses - I got mine from primark for around £1 super easy to get hold of this time of year but if not I am sure you can find them online cheap.

Black High Tops - Now this has been a struggle for me and have only just ordered them. I could not find high tops anywhere this time of year it must be a winter thing. Anyway I was going to give in and just get low dap shoes. But online I found them and they have been ordered. 

On the shoes there is a red design on the side, you can do this with acrylic paints. It should paint on fine but may need more than one coat. You can buy special stuff to coat them after but to be honest I am not bothered

You can also wear a wig if you wish to, I have got one but unsure weather I shall wear it for not. I ordered a cheap one of ebay and was around £6. In the game you can change the colour of her hair etc so I think most things would work.

I am planning to hopefully get a small pokemon plushie to carry around with me and I have a pokeball also. You can choose the starter pokemon or just your favourite one!

This complete cosplay came to around £30 with the shoes etc, really cheap and easy to put together! 

Friday, 19 June 2015

My Cosplay Ball Outfit

Hey guys, cosplay week is coming to an end and only two more posts after this one left. Today is a kind of quick one. I thought I would share with you my outfit I shall be wearing to the ball. At kitacon the Sunday evening there is a ball. You cosplay but in a ball related outfit, some people turn there favourite characters into ball appropriate wear and others choose outfits that are ball like. There is normally lots of disney princess outfits ( that shall be me one day)
Anyway for the ball me and my boyfriend like to pick outfits that go with each other. We did Kiato and Meiko last year from vocaloid, super sad don't have a picture of it!! But this yeah I am going to make sure we do get a picture as well my dress is amazing

As you can see above we decided on vocaloid again. This is the luka outfit from the song sandplay singing of the dragon. I did toy with doing the miku outfit from the song but having pink hair swayed me.
The dress is very ball like and I feel like a princess in it and makes me want to twirly everywhere. I was lucky enough to snap this up off a cosplay selling site on facebook. It fits like a dream! I do hope one day my sewing skills we be good and I can create ball gown outfits!

Anyway enough of me yapping here is a cheeky mirror shot of me in the dress!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cosplay Week - Cosplay Progress - Bellatrix !

Hey guys as you saw in last post I was working on my Bellatrix Lestrange Cosplay, This is my first cosplay I have ever "made". I say "made" as I haven't actually sewn an outfit together but had modified items I have born to work as the cosplay.

First thing I did was the skirt, I bought a long black linen skirt from a charity shop which I thought was suitable for the outfit. I then went online and ordered silver, gold and bronze fabric paints the brand I used were dylon. In all honesty I only used the silver in the end but at the time I was not sure on the colours and wanted to experiment a bit.

When I first saw her skirt I thought there was just a tiny bit of detail around the top and then a bit nearer the bottom. But on a closer inspection I noticed there was the detail all over the skirt just some were faded and some were super bright. 
So to get the look I painted with a thin paint brush the tiny swirls all over the skirt, the brighter ones I just did normally. To get the faded ones I painted the swirl then soon as did I dabbed it with a cloth ( dry or damp works) and this took some of the colour out but not all so gave the faded effect.
I did find you had to keep washing and changing the cloth other wise it did not work. I am rather chuffed with how the skirt came out because I put a lot of hours into it! Painting the skirt must of took me around 4 hours in all. I sat down with a film and just painted haha.

The next thing was the top! now I made a slight mock up of this before I started the real thing as had to check it worked. I don't have the mock up to show you as took it apart to help me make the real thing
But I will try and explain what I did. 
  • I started with a long sleever black top and cut the sleeves off.
  • I then cut around the round neck making it lower, but try not to go to low
  • Taking a needle and thread I pinched the middle of the top (right between my boobs. creating the effect the top has. When pinched together I sewed together the pinch and added a few more pinches till I was happy with the result

That is the look you are going for, as you can see here it looks a bit wonky but its the way the photo was taken. I hope you can see what I mean by pinching the top. You can also see here I have started adding the detail to the top. This is using the same method as the skirt to create the lighter ones.

That is all I have done of my bellatrix so far! I have purchased a wand, and a crows skull necklace and some biker looking boots to go with it. 

The next thing I need to do is kind of a bit task. I have to take the sleeves and cut them right down the side. Then using a eyelet punched, attack eyelets to each side all the way down. this is so I can create the laced up effect that she has in her top. 

Then the last thing is the thing worried about the most and that is the corset. I have a plan for it lets hope it works! I will keep you updated with that one!

Tune in tomorrow for another cosplay I am working on 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cosplay Week - Wig Styling - My first attempt

Hey guys, yesterday ( as you are reading this the day after I wrote it) I attempted my very first go at wig styling. It went okay and I am pretty pleased with the outcome although I think it will look better on the day as will be able to pin it better.

This is how my wig started off, its pretty curly but I wanted it to be more frizzy because this is my wig for my bellatrix cosplay. 

The items I used were, 
  • teasing comb
  • wide tooth come
  • styling comb
  • white hair spray
  • bobby pins
I started off by back combing the wig, making the curls less defined and more frezzing looking. I then pinned a bit to the side and used the white hair spray to spray one side. 

So I ended up with a very frizzy half white and half brunette wig, as you can see its rather fluffy so I needed to  tame it. I started off but brushing it through a bit with the wide tooth comb. Then began to it to the side to achieve the look I was after, the pinning did not work out all that well because they kept falling out while on the fake head.
So I decided to put the wig on myself and in the mirror started pinning it. I did notice it pinned a lot better and I roughly got the look I was going for. The only downside is that the white hair spray faded a bit while I was stying it. It comes out a bit like a chalk so it rubs off a bit. But instead of spraying the hair more I have saved it to do on the day.
As I said I pinned it roughly into place and it ended up like this..

As you can see it is close to what it needs to be like. The white needs to stand out more and it needs to be pinned a bit more securely. Also need to bring some strands down at the front to make it look correct. Overall I am pretty happy with how this came out and hoping it will come together on the day! You will see more of my Bellatrix cosplay in tomorrow's post 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cosplay Kit - Essentials You Need At A Convention

Hey guys, more cosplay/convention posts for you guys, here is my cosplay essential kit. When you are at a convention there is a few bits you need just in case of emergencies. So if anything happens to your outfit or to you, you are prepared. So here is the items I will be taking. In a super cute Bambi bag my friend gifted me, I love it!

Pain Killers - Can be super hot in some cosplays, and can also be a lot of noise so you never know if your going to end up with a headache so pain killers are a must have!

Mini Sewing Kit - Essential, if anything comes off your cosplay! I picked up this little kit in wilko, but you can get them in lots of places. They have needles, thread, scissors, spare buttons etc. This one also has a neat pin cushion on the top too!

Safety Pins - When went to my first convention Rohan told me to buy these as he says they are a must. He was right, some cosplays need things pinned on to keep into place etc and if your outfit happened to come apart you may be able to save it!

Hair Pins - Wearing wigs etc you need plenty of these. As us girls know these things get lost all the time. So a nice big pack of hair pins is another must.

Batteries - This is mainly if like me you are taking your camera, spare batteries are a must. I always take way more than I need but better to be safe than sorry. My camera only seems to like duracell ones so whenever I see them on offer I always pick them up.

Plasters - Some outfits involve uncomfortable shoes, or if like me most shoes rub your feet then you carry plasters a lot round with you.

If you can think of any other items you might need then please let me know! this is what I have so far. Thank you for reading and see you again tomorrow!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Cosplay Week - Day One - What Is Cosplay?

Hey guys, today is the first post for cosplay week, So I thought would start the week with a brief talk about what cosplay is and how I was introduced to it.

Cosplay stands for "Costume Play" and is when a person dresses up and pretends to be a fictional character. Normally from a sci fi, comic book or anime. People do photo shoots as there character and also attend conventions. You can either buy your cosplay or make it yourself, I myself have just started making my own. Which you shall see parts of this week.

I was first introduced to cosplay by two of my friends but never really thought much of it, at that time I was not into anime and not seen any that I actually enjoyed and the stuff I had seen was well weird. Lets face it some anime shows are weird. 
It wasn't until I started dating Rohan that I began seeing and really enjoying some anime shows and films. He introduced some rather cute ones and well frankly I fell in love and watch a few now. He has also attending conventions and did while we were first dating. Then last year I decided I would like to go to a convention with him, we went to Hyper Japan and there was lots of cosplayer's there and I remember thinking how amazing they looked. So I said to him I would like to go to a weekend convention with him and last year I went to Kitacon. He did say to me I did not have to cosplay but I thought if I was going to go why the hell not do it properly. Although I was super nervous at first I did really enjoy it and will be attending again the end of next month with a few cosplays I have made myself!

I do realise some people find cosplay a bit weird but in my eyes its not different that people going out dressing up as princesses and things. Some of the outfits people put hours and hours of work into and the things that create are just amazing. Its fun to be around a group of people sharing the same interest of you and one thing I will say, no one is judgemental. I was really nervous about not being a super slim person... yes I have hips. But wow some people were super confident and showed off there bodys in some amazing outfits.

So if you are thinking about every cosplaying, don;t hesitate there is a fantastic community of people and great fun!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

My ipad

Hey guys, quick post for you today. Cosplay and convention posts start tomorrow. But thought would show you what I use on my ipad the apps I like the most and what I keep it in.

This is the gel case I have on my ipad, it's from Radley and I snapped it up at a outlet store a few weeks ago for just £5. I did have a cheap purple gel case on it from ebay before. 

I also keep it in a Ted Baker zip case for travel etc, because I use my ipad the most when at Rohan's at the weekends I feel this keeps it nice and secure. Do have to admit it's looking a little tatty now but I still love it. 

As for apps on my ipad the main one I use is Facebook and YouTube, don't really use it for much as apart from a couple games I play on it. The main one I play is tsum, which I bet a lot of people have heard about already. 

It's quite a basic game to play but you join up the little tsum characters in three or more and try and get a good high score. Also depending on what tsum you select as your one when you have filled the bottom corner tsum you unlock a special move. My favourite to use is Marie, she gives you three bubbles which you pop and it gets you lots of points.

Next game I have only just started playing in the last week or so and not sure if I am playing it right yet haha. But it's a rhythm game based on the anime love live. I have found this super addicted and just love playing it at the moment. Best of all it's a free game. 

If you have any suggestions for games I could play on my ipad or apps that would be handy for glossing would love to hear them.  

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Quick Haul Post

Hey guys, today thought would share with you a few things I have picked up in the last week or so. Sorry it's not very interesting but getting posts ready for my cosplay week I have planned for you guys!

So first things are the two mags I buy every month, this is perfect wedding and wedding ideas, both just £2.99 each. Perfect wedding comes with a DIY mini mag this month so rather excited to give some of them a go. I would like to make a lot of my things for my wedding I think :) plus saves money haha.

Next thing are some black jelly shoes, these totally bring me back to my childhood. I keep looking at buying some but worried they will rub my feet as my feet are really sensitive. These had £5 off and were only £4.99 from new look. So thought would pick up a pair. Will be wearing these around the house a lot at first haha.

I also picked up a few DVDs from cex, which is a second hand DVD games etc shop. You can pick up DVDs for as little as 50p in there so I like to pop in every now and then and grab things that take my fancy. I picked up this time cat women, the duchess and coco before Chanel, none of them were more than a pound so great buys.

Last but certainly not least and you can just about spot a unicorn in the picture. You will see this item again in a future post. But it's a super Kawaii skirt from chibi bunny. Which is a great online shop which super cute items and very reasonably priced. The dress I wore when I got engaged is from there also. But as I said you will see it better in a future post as will be doing a review of the shop as I have four fab items from there to show off.

Again sorry it's a bit of a boring one today but have a whole week of convention and cosplay posts next week for you. Which I hope you will enjoy