Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Instax Mini 8 - Review

Hey guys, getting back into the swing of blogging and have been playing with my new light box. I think I need more practise but pictures are certainly improving !

I was lucky enough to get a present off a friend of the fujifilm instax mini. She knew I had been considering getting one for a long time but never really had the money also I was not sure how much I would use it. Now that I have it I use it more than I thought I would and its certainly nice to document memories with.

The instax mini is very simple to use, with a click of a button the lense pops out and you are ready to click and shoot. I did find it did not really tell you much in the instructions and did have to look up on youtube on how to insert the films and generally learn about the settings. So hopefully this will become use to some of you.

To insert the films you simple undo the pack of films open up the back of the camera and you will see a yellow line ( I should of took a picture of this). You simple place the pack of films in the back of the camera so the yellow line joins. Then click to shoot and out will come a black film which is the front of the film pack, this makes sure your films are in the dark at all times until you take the picture. Once you have done that you are ready to shoot! But before you do..

Set up your camera to the right light setting to make sure you pictures come out clear. Shown above once the camera has switched on after a few mins a light will appear. You can also see there is a little notch, to set up the lighting hold the camera in position you wish to shoot then look to see what light it suggests. Match the notch up to the light and its all ready. Don't panic it its flashing between to, decide for yourself which you think is most suitable. 

I have started using my instax mini more and more lately and it really is super fun!

I shall leave you with a few of the shots I have taken... 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Update Post

Hey guys, sorry I have not been very posty over the holiday season but I got so bogged down with work and family things I really did not have the time. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got lots of goodies. Leave me a comment with what you got.

Just doing a small post to say I am still alive and the new year I have decided I need a blogging schedule to make sure I post more regular. So I will be having one day a week where a post will go up for sure then any other posts will be a bonus. I am getting my filofax organised for the new year will all my blogging stuff so I WILL be organised haha!

Posts I will be doing in the year to come will be outfits posts (hopefully), more reviews on items, out and about posts and will be introducing crafty things and also lolita and cosplay more as well. I hope you will enjoy the posts and also a giveaway will be coming once I have gathered the items. Hello to all my new followers thank you very much!

That's all for now, speak to you soon!

Monday, 8 December 2014

November Favourites

Hey guys, yes I am slacking but I have an excuse I went away with the family for a weekend and then came down with the sickness bug.... erm yay?

As I have not done a few of my favourite things post for a while decided to do a monthly favourites. So here are the products I have been loving during the month of November.

1) Zoella Make Up Bag.
I have been travelling a bit recently and found this bag is great, its fits everything I need make up wise in and looks super cute too !

2) Palmers Moisture Gro 
Now this is a hair product I have fallen in love with and been finding other ways in which to use it too which I will post about. The main use I have for it is when I was my hair in the morning I run this through my hair before I brush it while its wet. It helps combat any frizz and smells amazing too!

3) Benetint by Benefit
Now this is a rather gross looking sample of it I have had for ages and I really need to purchase myself a full size as I love this product. I use it as a blush and love how natural and pretty it looks and always go back to it. Re discovered my love for it this month.

4) Real Techniques Face Brush
This is part of one of the sets, not sure if you can buy is separately. But I have been using this to apply my foundation recently and really love the look it gives my foundation looks flawless.

5) Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara
I picked this up because was off away for a weekend and needed a new mascara as mine had seen its last days. This was on offer at the time so whipped it up, I love the look it gives my lashes they look long and full but not clumpy. I also find a lot of mascaras make my eyes itch and this one does not effect me at all

6) Flora By Gucci Perfume
/Me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for 3 years now and this was the first Christmas present he gave me ( not this same bottle). But from the first moment I used this I new this is my scent. I have never re purchased a perfume and gone through a whole bottle before I came across this one. The scent is not too much but just enough and I think suits me really well.
Included my travalo in the picture also as I have been using this while travelling and I cannot live without it now.