Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Additions :)

Hey guys, and welcome to my new followers.. So I do have a weekend of post going up for you but the reason I haven't posted the beginning of the week like I normally do is because last week was a bit of an eventful week.

On Friday 31st October (Halloween!) I became a very proud Auntie to my second Nephew Theo James. He was 8lb 11oz and has a lovely head of dark hair. I was rather busy at the weekend and also didn't want to over crowd my sister in law and brother, so I didn't meet him until yesterday.

So here he is above having his first cuddle with Auntie Hayley! he quite happily cuddled up on me and had a little sleep. He had just been fed though. He seems so tiny!! So now I have two Nephews :)

And the reason the weekend was kind of busy is because sadly my boyfriend lost his cat a while ago, which was super sad as he was such a lovely cat and had the most awesome yet weird purr of all time. 
But they decided to adopt two little kittens from our local RSPCA centre. We were planning to go meet them on Sunday, but had a phone call on Saturday saying we could go pick them up. 
So off we went and brought Mollie and Grace home, but while we were there me and Rohan went and looked at the other cats. It was so hard not bringing them all home I wanted to re home ALL of them. 

I can't remember which one is which right now but there names will be changed anyway. They are both very loving little kittens and super playful. They were exploring every little place they could possibly find... even the chimney. Late afternoon the little black and white one happily curled up in my arms like a little baby. Cats are simply the best!


So hope you enjoyed this post of pretty much cutness! More posts will be up the weekend and I also got a swanky new light box in the post so will be testing it out very soon.