Monday, 24 November 2014

Three Present Ideas For Parents

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Hey guys, I have been slacking a little in posts the last couple of weeks. But I work in retail and well its the busiest time of year. I am trying to keep as many post as I can going up for you so please bare with me.

Today's post is present ideas for parents. I don't know about you but I find parents one of the hardest people to buy for. I just don't like getting them silly little things they will never use again. So here are three ideas that will hopefully help you.

1) Theatre/Concert Tickets 
Yes I know Concert and Theatre prices can be really pricey but you can get vouchers etc which can contribute to a concert or something they have been on about seeing. Maybe parcel it up with a brochure of something they have been on about seeing. Also places like Buy a gift and whsmiths do gift experience which include a night at the theatre and if you have brothers and sisters you can all chip in a bit. It will be something they will remember.

2) Personalised Photo Gifts (  I just realised my spelling mistake on the picture sorry guys!)
Now you can get these in so many places now like asda, tesco, boots and my personal favourite snapfish. There are things like mugs, canvas pictures, calendars and all sorts to choose from. You can raid old family pictures an re create them if your wish. Something personal always goes down well with parents.

3) Weekend Away
Now this is a good one if you have siblings, last year me and my sister put money together and sent my parents a glamping gift. We got this from buy a gift and they had a very lovely weekend. Buy a gift is a fantastic website for things like that and don't forget to Google for discount codes as there is normally one about. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and has given you some ideas for your parents. Have any of you bought anything like this for them ? 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Guest Post - Decora fashion!

Hey guys today have a special guest post for your guys, as you know already I am becoming more and more interested in Japanese culture and fashion and putting together my first Lolita outfit to wear to a convention next year. I have been looking into other types of fashion etc and came across Decora, but to be honest I really had no idea what it was really about. I have been a fan of the blog Life in the Kawaii Lane for ages and knew she had a real interest in Decora so I asked her to write a post on it for you guys so we both can learn more about it... so here we go. Please go check out her blog and leave a little comment!

Hi there Kawaiisters!
This is Pinkuiro Pixie from Life in the Kawaii Lane here with a special guest blog all about my favourite kawaii style; Decora!! ^^
If you haven't heard about Decora – don't worry! This post will tell you all you need to know to understand this totally kawaii fashion style!
The vital thing about Decora fashion is accessories – and lots of them! Bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair clips, bows, bags, even plushies and toys!

As you can see – it's important to strike a balance with your accessories – often through a carefully chosen colour palette, or through heavily featuring a particular kawaii character (Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Mickey Mouse, Rilakkuma etc). It's not as simple as just wearing every accessory you own, it's about finding your own balance that works for you.
A quick pointer about hair accessories in particular – these are absolutely essential to the Decora style! Lots of kawaii clips, slides, bobbles and bows really set this style apart! The most iconic look is wearing lots of small clips/slides in the fringe.

Don't worry if you don't have a fringe! You can still work the Decora style, here is my take on using clips, bobbles and bows!

Clothes wise, it's gotta be kawaii! Cute sneakers or platforms, knee high socks (sometimes multiple pairs or 'odd' socks), layers of skirts and tops and almost sporty-style jackets/hoodies complete the look.

Don't forget – not every Decora is about bright colours; you can also do a 'Dark Decora' look if that is your style! Just remember the key points about accessories and do it your way! Fairy Kei, famous for its pastel colour palette, is an extension of the Decora style too.
The absolute number one Decora brand has to be 6% Dokidoki. Based in the Kawaii Capital, Harajuku, 6% Dokidoki does a range of accessories, jewellry and clothing that totally shouts out 'Harajuku!' ^^ These include statement rings that have become iconic in their own right, such as the famous '6%' and 'Doki' word rings.
Decora is gaining popularity once again – with people like Mai Rainbow ( and the 6% Dokidoki Shop Girls ( being super kawaii ambassadors for this awesome style!
You can get lots of accessories online to build your Decora look – places like eBay and Etsy have lots of sellers all around the world with some super kawaii items – but it is always worth checking out shops like Claire's Accessories, H&M and even supermarkets; the accessory section for kids in these shops can often contain lots of kawaii pieces to complement your Decora look!
So, if you feel that Decora captures your imagination, then go for it! It takes confidence to wear a full Decora look, but it's one of the most personal J-fashions out there; you can take it in any direction that you like, as long as it is kawaii and you have plenty of accessories! ^^

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just a note....

Hey guys, sorry no post this week. Work has been super busy and I have been experimenting with my new light box! Posting will be back to normal next week.

Hope everyone is okay, people started the christmas shopping yet ?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things ... Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Hey guys, another favourite things for you guys today. This one is a Body Shop product and from my favourite range from them. I really adore the body shop tea tree range its the only thing that really made an impact on my skin during my spotty years. I still get spots but there are no where near as bad as they once were. 

I came across this product about a year ago I think while was ordering some of the facial wash online as they were doing some sort of deal. I decided to give this a try so I added it to my basket and now I am on my third tube. 
This product is pretty much a pore minimiser that you can use as a base for your make up. Now I am not sure I would use this on a day to day bases as when I apply it at first my skin looks a little red for a few mins then it looks clears. It only appears red on the places on my face where I tend to get spots. I also find it can make my skin a little dry. But I am not saying this product is bad, it is fantastic at what I use it for.

I apply this at weekends only and do it after I have had a shower in the mornings. I squeeze a small amount on my fingers then rub it all over my face. After I have done that I do it again a second time but this time I concentrate on the areas where I tend to get more spots. In my case my nose, chin and neck. I then leave it to sink again and don't apply anything else to my skin after. 

As I said before it tends to leave my skin a little red looking at first and you can really feel it tingling in some areas. During the weekends I try to give my skin and hair a break and don't really do anything to it unless I am going somewhere. I tend to spend the weekends chilling with Rohan and being lazy... as well that's what weekends are for.

I really like the product as I find it has really helped clear up some of my problem areas. It really helps my skin look healthier the only downside is I find it a little drying.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks favourite things product post and if you have any suggestions on a product like this one I would love to hear about it.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Additions :)

Hey guys, and welcome to my new followers.. So I do have a weekend of post going up for you but the reason I haven't posted the beginning of the week like I normally do is because last week was a bit of an eventful week.

On Friday 31st October (Halloween!) I became a very proud Auntie to my second Nephew Theo James. He was 8lb 11oz and has a lovely head of dark hair. I was rather busy at the weekend and also didn't want to over crowd my sister in law and brother, so I didn't meet him until yesterday.

So here he is above having his first cuddle with Auntie Hayley! he quite happily cuddled up on me and had a little sleep. He had just been fed though. He seems so tiny!! So now I have two Nephews :)

And the reason the weekend was kind of busy is because sadly my boyfriend lost his cat a while ago, which was super sad as he was such a lovely cat and had the most awesome yet weird purr of all time. 
But they decided to adopt two little kittens from our local RSPCA centre. We were planning to go meet them on Sunday, but had a phone call on Saturday saying we could go pick them up. 
So off we went and brought Mollie and Grace home, but while we were there me and Rohan went and looked at the other cats. It was so hard not bringing them all home I wanted to re home ALL of them. 

I can't remember which one is which right now but there names will be changed anyway. They are both very loving little kittens and super playful. They were exploring every little place they could possibly find... even the chimney. Late afternoon the little black and white one happily curled up in my arms like a little baby. Cats are simply the best!


So hope you enjoyed this post of pretty much cutness! More posts will be up the weekend and I also got a swanky new light box in the post so will be testing it out very soon.