Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Winter Boots!

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Hey guys, I am currently on hunt for a nice pair of comfy winter boots, these need to look cute with dresses as that's what I wear 99% of the time! So thought I would share with you today some boots I am been eyeing up... I get paid in a couple weeks time and intend to get myself some, so here are a few of the ones I have looked at. Hope you enjoy and of course I will show you what boots I go for when I come to get some.

These are cute little ankle boots... I like the two colours of these makes them a little more interesting. Also these don't look too chunky so will look nice with dresses. I personally don't like chunky boots with dresses its not a look I got for. Some people make it look really good though!

I really like these but not so much the price, the reason being I bought a pricey pair of boots last year and they did not last long at all and pretty much are useless now. These are in the sale from £45 to £30 but I only spotted them online and need to see these in person. I love the buckle type detail.

I do love these boots, but I find with new look shoes I struggle with sizes one size is either too big... or one is too small, never just right. Again the buckle detail is what drew me to these!

Nothing beats a good pair of chelsea boots, I like the little heal on these but to be honest I think they may be a little too plain. 

I REALLY like these, they look way more expensive than they are and are super cute. These are my favourites at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed the post, sorry its a sort one but work is mad at the moment!