Friday, 3 October 2014

Items Recently Bought

Items Recently Bought

Hey guys, thought would share with you a little haul of some items I recently bought. I did take pictures of these but the lighting was super poor so hope you enjoy still. Above are pictures so you can see a little better what I bought.

Boxy Blue/Mint Top £6 (sale price) from New Look
This was the last one in stock in my local New Look and it was really meant to be. I has no tag or anything on it, so I took it to the sales desk to find out and was surprised it was only £6 cause the other colours seemed to be £8. So I nabbed it up, I was really drawn to the colour of this and also its a really nice fit. Recently bought a ankle length black polka dot skirt and think this will look super pretty with it.

Shell Contrast Collar Top - £5 (sale price) from New Look
Now I really liked this top when I picked it up but now I have tried it on I think I need the size down as it falls weirdly under the arm and bags out a little. Decided going to try the smaller size on and hopefully it will look okay. I thought this top would go with a lot of things because of the colour and I do love a bit of collar!

Mollie Makes Blogging Mag £9.99 from Whsmiths
Now I work in Whsmiths and I someone bought this magazine the other day. It caught my eye as there is not many blogging magazines about. This is a special edition one so its a one off, but I had a flick through and it looks pretty good. I will review it I think once I have fully read it.

A Year In The Life Of Downton Abbey £22 (rrp) I picked it up for £10 plus staff discount
I love Downton Abbey everything about it is all the things I love. I seriously think I was born in the wrong year haha! I have all the other Downton books so when I saw this one come in its a must. I again will review it once I have had a read.

Pop Vinyl Figure - Hatsune Miku (I ordered this so long ago I cannot think of the price)
Now this is the last but really not the least and there is a little story behind it. I pre ordered this a long time ago and its was first due out in June I think and it kept changing and being a month later and then again... and so on. So when I had an email last week to say it had been dispatched I pretty much jumped for joy!
I have been wanting to start a collection of Pop Vinyl figures for a while now but wanted to start with one I really really love. Hatsune Miku is pretty much my new obsession and I love vocaloid and playing project diva f. She is also the first cosplay I ever did !!