Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hatsune miku - inspired !

Hatsune Miku appeared on the David Letterman show VERY recently. As I am a big fan of vocaloid I decided to create an outfit inspired by her, I hope you enjoy it.

Hatsune miku - inspired !

Hatsune Miku is from vocaloid, she is a 16 yr old girl known for her bright turquoise hair. I discovered her while playing a game called project diva f on my boyfriends ps3. It's a very addictive rhythm game and I really cannot get enough of it. The vocaloid songs tend to be super cute although there is a few dark ones too. They are highly catchy and my new obsession. I have fallen in love with pretty much all the characters in project diva f. So I had to do this. 

Hair - Miku is known for her bright blue/turquoise hair. Yes it is a bit much to dye your hair just for an outfit haha. But if you want to add a little of colour to your hair why not have a bit of fun with hair chalks ! I have just put an order online for some myself. Body shop have also released some. 

Top - She wears many types of outfits but in her main one she wears a shirt type top. So I have picked this grey blouse top and paired it with a blue statement knecklace. This is to represent the tie she wears a little. 

Skirt - Her skirt is almost a skater style skirt so here I picked a plain black skater skirt. These are great little skirts which I personally wear all the time. You can pick them up from many places like new look primark and river island. If you want it to be a bit more miku style then add a turquoise belt. 

Tights/socks - Miku wears tight long boots, which are not very wearable for every day. So why not wear some cute black knee high socks or some tights that have the suspender effect. You could just wear normal black tights too.

Shoes - Seems she wears thigh high boots I found some shoes which I think would suit the outfit and still be keeping in with her style. So for this I have chosen either some black creepers or dr martens. You could also just wear some cute black ankle boots.

Personally I think this outfit is really cute and would make a cute autumn outfit, hope you enjoyed this post and have any of you guys heard of Miku before ? or Vocaloid ?