Friday, 31 October 2014

Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love By Daylight... SAILOR MOON!

Hey guys, some of you may already know but in the last year or so I have slowly been getting into Anime and Manga. My boyfriend introduced me to the world of anime and manga when we first started going out as he is very passionate about it. I always thought it was just darn right weird stuff, but he showed me the cute and funny side and I have grown to really enjoy it. My favourites being Chobits and Clannad (tears were shed!). 
Now recently I have started to read a bit of manga, and how confused was I when first started with the reading the wrong way and from right to left (I think that is right). Apart from card captor I also decided to give Sailor Moon a go. Now I have to admit I was kind of put off reading and watching sailor moon at first as everyone seems to love it.. yes I know weird reason! But after discovering an old waterstones voucher in an old handbag and it steal being in date I picked up the first two sailor moon manga's.
When I flicked through them in store and discovered CATS I knew instantly that I would like them (crazy cat lady much?). I have read book one and two and thoroughly enjoyed them and have book three which I am about to start. I am not going to say anything about the storyline cause I don't want to give away anything... plus sailor moon is a fairly big thing so lots of people know about it.
As soon as I started reading the Manga's I was instantly on Amazon hunting down the DVD's then got hurt by the prices... erm OW!! Anyway I found a way of getting hold of the first season and I am now on episode 9 and yes... I am in love with the series. Its fun and girly and not too deep, an easy watch and nice to sit down in the evenings and chill with.

So now I have discovered a love for sailor moon I thought I would share with you a wish list of sailor moon related items I WANT!!
Sailor Moon!