Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Gift From A Friend

Hey guys, first thing I want to say is that I got this box quite a while ago and have been meaning to do this post so better late than never!
One of my closest friends moved to live with her boyfriend and we spent a lot of time together and was super sad to see her go! But we stay in contact and talk nearly everyday haha, but we came up  with the idea to send each other a box of goodies every now and then. Full of little things we know the other person was like. So here I have my first box of goodies... if you would like to see what I got her then CLICK HERE and you will go to her blog with the post of what I got her.

First item I opened was this little mermaid figure, she knows little mermaid is pretty much my favourite film of all time! Its quite funny as I sent her a little mermaid item too!

Next up was some loom bands, we had been discussing how these have become the "in" thing and I said I hadn't tried them out yet so she sent a bag so I can make myself a little bracelet! 

Here we have a sleep mask, I sometimes find it really hard to sleep if a little light is on or something is flashing. So this will add to my little collection of sleep masks! Have to add this one is super soft.

Three items here, A little H keyring with a floral design, a cute spotty mirror (very useful) and lastely a little ID holder. She know I get the bus daily for work and I moaned once I needed to get something to hold my monthly ticket and this little ID holder is perfect.

Another set of three items grouped together as all the same design. Here we have a notebook and pen with a cute London design, I shall add I got this just before mine and Rohan's trip to London. Also a nail file... as I ALWAYS moan I never have one when I need it.

This super pretty scarf is awesome I really like the colours in it and actually wore this one today on my way to work. Its fairly thin but perfect for this time of year.

Now have to admit when I first saw this I was like oooh its small. I am not a small bag person at all. But I have to eat my words, I have used this bag LOADS since getting it. It goes with everything ideal if just going to the cinema... or popping to the shops. I LOVE it! Plus I have a thing for polka dots at the moment.

And last is a sofia the first dvd, this made me chuckle! Me and her are both Disney mad so this was a little fun gift! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my little box, do any of your friends swap gifts or have you done a box swap before ?