Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What's in my bag - Boat Trip!

Hey guys, so my all time favourite post to read our "what's in my bag" and have wanted to do one on my blog for ages. But always felt like it would be a little boring as I don't really take much to and from work with me, not even my purse sometimes.
Me and the boyfriend went on a trip to Dartmouth the weekend to go on a boat trip to Totness. Had a fantastic time and got to test out my new polaroid camera which I will be reviewing very soon! Seems I would be taking a few bits with me extra I decided was the perfect time to do a what's in my bag... so here we go!

So this is my bag, I don't use this one on a day to day basis for work but use it for everything other than work. I find it fits everything I want it, goes with everything and has a long and a short strap so is ideal.
This bag is from Ted Baker, I have been a big fan of Ted Baker the last couple years I have a ipad case and a wash bag by the brand also. This little beauty was given to me for my birthday from my boyfriend, I had no idea I was getting it or what I was getting. I actually cried a little when he gave me it cause a) I know how expensive they could be and b) the bag is so me! I hate small handbags I just cannot get on with them no matter what I do. This one is the perfect size and the colours are lovely. The inside is a black floral pattern and is so cute. I am one very lucky girl !

So before I talk even more about Ted ( yes I named it) I will show you guys what's inside. Not the quality is not great as they were taken on my Ipad.

Hope you can see the items okay...

Item 1 - Bottle of water - I am the first to admit I really do not drink enough water. I really don't go much on the taster of water but have found lately I like sparkling water. So took a bottle of sparkling water with me. Got to stay hydrated!

Item 2 - My Purse - Well the boat trip etc is not going to pay for itself! My purse I have no idea where it is from is was a present from Rohan's parents last Christmas. Its really cute, a pale yellow like colour with lots of bright and colourful owls on it.

Item 3 - My camera - Now this is the camera I use for all my blog pictures. Its a Fuji film, not sure on the model number as was bought a good few years ago. I find it very simple to use and the pictures come out in good quality. Not sure if its my memory cards or just dust but lately it keeps coming up with memory card error. Normally just remove the card blow in the gap and pop back in and its fine, its never lost any of my pictures so not too worried. 

Item 4 - Instax Mini - My new toy, I got this pretty much a couple weeks ago thanks to my lovely friend fay. Saturday was the first time I used it and was really impressed. I will review it properly in another post. As you can see I don't have a case for it yet, but I popped it in an old birchbox cloth bag to keep it protected. It fitted in perfectly.

Item 5 - Memory cards - These are kept in an old game-boy case (haha) I take lots of spares as I said been having the memory card error so always good to have back ups. I normally use an 8gb or a 4gb memory card.

Item 6 - Pumpkin Seeds - I pretty much carry these round every where lately, they taste so yummy! I do need to get some sort of container for them though as yeah pumpkin seed filled bag is so not fun.

So that's everything I took with me to Dartmouth. Hope you enjoyed reading it and would love to hear what staple item you take in your handbag ?