Friday, 12 September 2014

Quick Simple Juice!

Hey guys, yesterday I did a review on the blend active, so today I decided to share with you a very quick and simple juice that taste super yummy.

For this you will need 

2 Kiwi ( or more if you wish)
Sparkling water ( plain will do as well)

First thing first is to chop up the fruit, strawberries I just cut in half although I didn't really need to. The kiwi I peeled and cut into slices. So you end up with a little bowl of goodies like this...

To be honest I think I should of added more kiwi as I could only just taste them and I really love kiwi. Next step was to add the water I filled the bottle about halfway as I was a little concerned it would fizz up but thankfully it didn't. But this did produce just the right amount of juice!

So here you can kind of see the process, I filled my bottle up with the fruit then half filled with water, popped it on the blender. Hit the blend button until it looked like it was a good consistency, unscrewed the blade washed it off. Then all I did was attach my bottle lid and was ready to go out the door.
I am really terrible at having breakfast then end up snacking a little when I get to work as I then become hungry. I found this juice to be really easy to make up, sometimes done the night before and popped in fridge for a nice cold juice. But found it kept me full until lunch time and I could sip it on my way to work in the handy bottle.

Hope you enjoyed my little review yesterday and my simple juice today.